Wednesday, 25 June 2008

GIMP : How to change eye colour

Recently has been wanting to change my eye colour without wearing contacts! I found out that singapore famous blogger, Xiaxue, did the same thing on many of her picture. So, I decided to find out HOW! Here is the video, you can do it in 2 minutes! (Well, mine is a bit crude, I only have 5 more minute to blog so forgive me...).

This is my original eye color, dark brown. I didn't follow the tutorial 100%. Instead I create a new layer, and add one circle masking each eyeballs on each layer. And then bucket fill the circle with whatever color you wish. Last step, choose "Dodge" on your layer operation and select 95% opacity. And tadah...!!!

To change the color, simply change the color balance (changing hue saturation as shown in tutorial is a bit too drastic for me), and here you go... another new color created!!!

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