Monday, 9 June 2008

A path for me

Do you ever wonder where does your life journey leads you? Or do you ever wonder why certain things happen to you.

Today, I looked back again to my past.

There is a day when I lost a soulmate, a best friend. She had betrayed my trust. I asked God "why" this happen to me.5 years later I found that I made an unwise choice to make an unbeliever my best friend. God had thought me well.I might have lost a shopping partner, a listening ear, a phone buddy, or an online chat mate.But today I gain a handful of Christian friend, whom I can call best friends in the Lord. Who share the same vision and serve the same master.Who lend me a hand in time of need not because I am their friend, but because we are called to love one another. Who willingly forgive and forget.Who is not only lend their listening ear but also prayed for me in time of trouble.

There is a day when I despise being sent to Singapore, doing the degree I had never wanted.But today, God showed me well. I earn and find job in UK easily.

There is a day when my parents ask me to break up with my Christian boyfriend, I asked God "why"? He answer me 7 years down the road. He had prepared mea well commited Christian man, who well grounded in faith and truth!

There is a day when I lost my job. I asked God "why". Today I am able to make a repayment, almost 5% of my house mortgage because of the redundancy pay.And in 2 weeks I get a new job, with higher pay, closer to home and church.

I am glad that the Lord had arranged me to apply for HSMP last year. Should it happen this year, I would lost my job because PM Gordon Brown changes the immigration rule and it took 10 weeks to procees the application this yearcompare to 2 weeks on the year before. And today, after 7 weeks of anxious wait, I've receive back my visa with stamp on it. Another x year as high skilled immigrant.

Those are only few of tons of other countless blessing God had bestow upon me. All with one purpose, so that I and my family can witness to other that our Saviour is greater than any problem. A friend ever ask me this, "if God loves mankind so much why there is so many sufferings in this world?". But the fact that there is a person with loads of pimples doesn't conclude beautician doesn't exist does it?

All you need to do is come to the Lord and ask, it's not even cost you anything.


Martin in Cambridge said...

Great post. I also started a log of all the amazing things God has done in my life and it's very useful to remind my unfaithful and forgetful self on how good He is.

J.H said...

Hello Martin,
Nice to see you here :-)
We are so fortunante that our God is a God of second chance.
By the way, we should arrange for meet up sometime! I really want to go to Cambridge city centre, especially in summer.