Tuesday, 24 June 2008

A small reunion

I've just went to London on Monday to meet my brother in law and his wife. They are on honey moon tour around Europe for 2 weeks (fantastic!)

So here three of us went to London using London Midlands service from Milton Keynes. Josiah was so excited riding a train. This probably his 2nd ride in his life!

We walk around St. Paul (which was amazingly packed on lunchtime break), and then we went to Natural History museum. The building absolutely a stun (as you can see from the picture above). There is all sort of things inside it. Like this....

But Josiah doesn't do animal, he only like steamy and wheels. The only bit that he liked is the earth and geological section, whereby there is a huge purple earth like ball with an escalator going right into it.

He was absolutely thrilled when we ride through it!

I must admit, because of my stupidity I didn't have ANY picture or whatsoever from that day. Yes... we brought the camera but left the battery at home!!!!

In summary, we had a great time with my brother in law and my sister in law. Both of them thought that Josiah is an absolute grandparents spoiler, and his cheek is definetely as big as satsuma orange!

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