Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Hello and Goodbye

Last saturday was another reunion day for us. After 3 years stranded in UK, we met again one family from our former church, Heritage Baptist, in Singapore. Aileen, Julia, Henry and Zach spent 1 week in UK for vacation. To cut the story short, we end up meeting up in Oxford. Not sure how many times have we brought our guest to Oxford, but there you go....
Allegedly, Aileen was studying in UK about a decade ago!

Zach looks so different, he was about 1 when we left. And now he is such a tall boy. He resembles Julia a lot, Aileen said probably because they both spent a lot of time together! (Now, how does that worked???)

First stop was Christchurch college, unfortunatelly the "harry potter" dinning room was closed. But I still managed once again adore the detailed workmanship of the front lobby of the dinning chamber.

Since they stop at the gift shop, then we decide to do this...

Josiah is so loud as usual. It's a good thing that camera didn't record sound!

We stopped at the chapel, the common room, and then, we decide to do something more British. It was a fine day and the sun was out shining. That would mean.... go to the park. Zach seemed to enjoy this than window shopping in Corn market Street. He just found out that tree around here is easy to climb!

And then he tried to feed the ducks, unfortunately we eat all of our crepe and had nothing left beside a bag of nuts. But rather than make the ducks choked from eating nuts, or probably causing peanut allergy, Zach decided to gave them leaves instead! Brilliant idea! (Ducks :"Hey mister, I need some carb here!!").

It is strange when you came to realise, that you actually met old aquintances more when you are thousands miles away from home.

Our last stop, natural history museum, where Josiah met his buddy, mr leopard.
We waved our final goodbye, and until we meet a decade from now!

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