Thursday, 31 July 2008

15 Greatest buy

1. Canon EOS 300D
I had never fancy an expensive holiday. Stay in 5 star hotel will mean nothing to me without my camera! Why? because I won't be able to share my experience with my family back in Indonesia. That's right, my version and definition of holiday is always taking something that cheap/free, and our Canon EOS 300D had make it possible to preserve beautiful moments (not necessarily expensive) as long laptop motherboard lives.Usage : of course, taking picture!
Where to find : sure you can find this in any camera shop.
Price : errmm... bought it for 150 GBP in ebay.

2. Fancy earring
Usage : I leave you to guess it
Price : 3.5 GBP
Where to find : Matalan

3. Hair clip
Usage : to hold your hair and make you look prettier by 1% (haha!!)This hair clip is a bit unusual. It made of metal, and as you can see it, the size is quite decent. Not too small that it wouldn't hold anything, or not too big that is simply fall loose every so often. In fact, I've tested it with 25mph wind in poppy field. Can you see it??
Price : 3.5 GBP @ pair
Where to find : Again... Matalan

4. Table Lamp
I bought this years ago, when I start decorating my new home. The picture really does not judge the real item as the shade looks much more luxurious. It stands about 40cm and has gold embroided leaves design on it. Judging from its look, it would cost me at least 45 GBP in Laura Ashley. However, Wilkinson sells it for 14 GBP, and the matching floor lamp for 25 GBP.
Usage : up dark room of course, or just mere as decoration.Price : 14 GBP
Where to find : Wilkinson

5. Dummy clip
This is a great invention...
Usage : to prevent your son to lost his dummy again and again...
Where to find : local pharmacy, baby shop, grocery store
Price : from 1-3 GBP depends on design. Probably 99p in Tesco.

6. Liathrop
Usage : as you can see... displaying stuff, dumping you books, etc. A great value to achieve french looking living room if you have a tight budget!Price : about 78 GBP 2 years ago.
Where to find : IKEA.

7. Thomas chair
Usage : to bribe my son to stay put during lunch and dinner time.Price : 20 GBP.
Where to find : mmm... honestly, I forgot, somewhere in Kettering.

8. Quick pitch tent
Usage : to help you survive through long day out in park or festival without getting burnt by the sun or blown by the wind. This item take 20 sec to unfold, about 1 minute to fold to a 50cm diameter flat carrier bag.Price : 21 GBP.
Where to find : ebay... if you want the cheap one.

9. Plastic Orchid
Usage : PRACTICAL LIVING! especially for a serial killer plant like me, having a forever blooming orchids that no need any maintenance is a perfect solution!Price : 1.20 GBP a stalk (the picture consists 8 of them).
Where to find : ebay, craft store.

10. Dryer ball
I just don't know how this thing work.
Usage : to make your laundry dry faster in tumble dry, thus this balls will thrift your electricity consumption.Price : about 4-10 GBP
Where to find : Wilkinson, Homebase, Wickes, and grocery store.

11. Ikea foldable dining table
Although mine wasn't exactly this model, this image only serve as an illustration.Usage : dining table which saves space! You can extend or shrunk it as you need.
Price : around 49 GBP for antique oak finish.
Where to find : IKEA.

12. Styrofoam wall lining
This going to save you from spending loads of money in winter. Works like wallpaper. In fact you just need to paste this styrofoam underneath your wallpaper, and your room will be warmer by 3-5 degree in winter.Usage : Wall insulation
Price : ermm... about 3.99GBP a roll. (Not including the effort to paste it on the wall though).
Where to find : Wickes, Homebase.

13. Sunnies!!
Usage : of course, to hide your eye from strong sun shine and... to make you look cool! Can also be used to pretend that you are paying attention even with eye closed.They are really cute. And since Josiah just broke my 3rd sun-glasses. I decide to get another one.
Where to find : Matalan
Price : 6 GBP each

14. GIMP
My secret of photo editing. Believe me, the image come out from my camera doesn't look anything close to whatever I present.
Usage : photoshop everything so that it looks deceiving...
Price : FREE!!
Where to find :

15. Bubble...bubble....
Usage : cheap way to entertain your children and kept your husband busy (blowing).
Price : 2-4 GBP depends on the brand and size.
Where to find : Wilkinson, Tesco, Sainsbury, Toy r'Us

But among all, I surely have 1 final best buy. That I purchase with nothing, for it is free. It's my salvation, for someone had bought me with His expensive blood.Usage : will bring your life to spend eternity in Heaven.
Where to find : Bible, the Word of God.


Parlin & Artha said...

The EOS300D was really a good buy...I myself now still looking for a bargain for DSLR, thinking of getting nikon D40...hope i can get one before the end of this year...hopefully...:D

J.H said...

hallo parlin,
Oh, I can't wait to see more pics of Acel & your lovely wife, Artha! Quick buy the camera quick!