Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A curse of being an EMBEDDED programmer

Last week I was on ST training downstairs with few colleague. The man who conducted the training tune to some BBC High Definition channel and try to show of what his debugger box can do. If you don't know what is BBC High Definition, let me tell you it feels better than watching in cinema! (You can click here to see more about it).

And this is when I start to realise how "bad" it is to be an embedded engineer. Put it this way, if you see a big plasma TV in front of you with sound on (not loud, but ON!), can you concentrate and listen to a meeting at the same time? Not to mention they were displaying some very interesting coverage of travel destination called "amazing architecture" across the world, and followed with some action movies "Torchwood".

If I came to think about it again, 6 month ago probably I couldn't. But, now, not just me, but all 6 of us can "tune" and listen to the man whom lecture us on how great is this debugger. Instead of watching the TV, I found myself so absorb listening to how this debugger save the world by setting hardware breakpoint!!! And enable us to find stack dump of running processes...also how to view multiple processes at the same time, or how to view register value.

The only time I find myself watching that BBC HD is the guy compile his code (which takes awhile). Even then I start to think why our set-top box doesn't have this channel on exhaustive scan(later on I find out that the service type for high definition is different). Put it this way, it's hard to enjoy watching without noticing anything...

Don't watch TV with me, or probably I will point out that your TV box use the wrong scaling or miss-aligned by 1 pixel!!!

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