Wednesday, 16 July 2008


At last I have a chance to jot down something rather related to myself. My job has made me pretty much occupied all the time now. I hardly able to chat and barely have time replying "well thought" email (let me assure you if you receive my email about 9-5 GMT time.... I must be writing it half conscious or unconciously...).

But working on computer fields which require a lot of thinking does need energy from somewhere. I mean to justify why I often goes hungry while working!Here is the fact, I just found out I've gain 2kg after about 4 month never monitoring my weight...argghh!!!So, on the brighter side, I should be able to guess where does the fat goes since I still fit in my pants and jeans. Oh well... at least that what I HOPE.

This how I would act, except that probably my figure won't be as perfect as hers

So from today I tried to : eat fruits as breakfast... eat less at lunchtime... and try to busy my mind to think other thing than EAT! The thing is, it is a tradition that we (referred to employee in the company) bring something as snack to share in office. And so, almost everyday there is something to accompany your cup of tea. Start from choc-muffins, doughnut, cream cake, eclairs, short cake, to almonds fingers (which the size is about 5x my finger!!!).

Now you tell me how can I resist that?!?!?!?!


agustina said...

Well... that is irresistable.. hahahaha :p Tapi ga keliatan kok je elo gain weight, I think what u think about where it goes.. is true *hohohoho*

J.H said...

Gila loe, encouraging gw gain MORE weight ar?