Saturday, 26 July 2008

(A terribly HOT dayout in) London

This is a rare occassion in Britain, why? because the sky is spottless and blue!Urmm... posing with PC Plum(p)... hehehe.We went to Singapore High commission, then to OCBC bank, and then to German Embassy. I lost count of how many staircase we climb inside the London underground station.I really hope one day they install a Lift or some sort!And still have time to play with his train in front of the Parliament House (the security guards were watching him).Dunno what Catholic cathedral we passed by, definetely not St.Paul.Inside Victoria and Albert museum. The museum itself quite boring (and pretty hot) compared to British museum and Natural History Museum. But, the better yet to come...After a terribly hot day, we are so delighted to see this...(Plus for the fact that we saved 8 pound swimming pool enterance fee because this pool is absolutely FREE!!!). Let me remind you that OURDOOR swimming pool is a LUXURY item in this country.Mind you that the London tube does not have any aircond, and the air ventilation system Well, I excuse them for it was built during Victorian era. So now, a bit of cool down is exactly what we need!Yeah, lets clean all those stinky feet which sweat like mad! Well, this is the highlight of our trip.It is quarter to 6, and the museum will be closing in 1 minute time. Before we left, ok... let me take the laaaast picture.Can't resisit those beautiful flowers. Ok, gotta go, the security guard already staring at us.


Parlin & Artha said... know its really hot too here in Korea these days, and its really humid was so hot that we have to change my son's clothes a few time because of the sweat and my wife had to buy a sunglass

J.H said...

hahaha, parlin... all of us should say, THANK YOU TO GLOBAL WARMING!! Last year summer in UK was terribly cold, and rain all the time. So, being hot as it is this year, I wouldn't complain :-)

Parlin & Artha said...

i'm actually not complaining, its definitely better than raining...anyway i always admire your pictures in your blog, and i'm learning a lot from your writings...enjoy your summer holiday and keep those camera clicking...^^

J.H said...

Thanks for your kind word. Gw tunggu pics seputar korea yah. Probably you should convince me to go there :-)