Saturday, 12 July 2008

A trip to Peterborough Cathedral

On Saturday we head down to P'borough to see her famous cathedral. The sky looks "full of charachter" as the cloud thick but with plenty of holes makes the day still looks bright.
For no apparent reason, there is a group of red indian performing folk music (which sounded like cantonese song!). Josiah stucked there for quite a bit.
They were there selling CD while performing. And it sold quite well.

Peterborough Cathedral, the seat of the Bishop of Peterborough, is dedicated to Saint Peter, Saint Paul and Saint Andrew whose statues look down from the three high gables of the famous West Front.
Founded in the Saxon period, the architecture is mainly Norman following a rebuilding in the 12th century. With Durham and Ely Cathedrals, it is one of the most important 12th century buildings in England to have remained largely intact, despite extensions and restoration.
Peterborough Cathedral is known for its imposing Early English Gothic West Front (facade) which, with its three enormous arches, is without architectural precedent and with no direct successor.
(The picture above had nothing to do with the following comments... we are still talking about the outside appearance of the cathedral). The appearance is slightly asymmetrical, as one of the two towers that rise from behind the facade was never completed, but this is only visible from a distance, while the effect of the West Front upon entering the Cathedral Close is overwhelming.
Right, enough for fact. In short the cathedral was beautiful yet a bit empty. Look at these stainglasses. The cathedral was big. But quite empty. I should say that there is not as many stainglass we found in the cathedral compared to the church in Oxford.
Josiah adore the stainglass as well (or probably imagining how lovely the cathedral looked like with Thomas-the-tank-engine stain glasses instead).
More ceiling (errmm... can't remember which part!!! sorry.....) Doesn't particularly looked nice, but since we've paid 2 GBP to get "photo permit" may as well take some random snaps.
Right, this is Josiah's fave place in the cathedral. A tomb! My son really has a good taste.

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