Thursday, 3 July 2008

T's bday

Josiah FIRST birthday invitation last week. Over for T's birthday at Walton Gate, Milton Keynes. And look at the cake...Oh... this is the real look of this cool pirate ship cake!
Did I tell you that there is not one cake, but two cakes???
The other one....
The birthday boy.
The party was fun, more fun for the parents probably as there is only 5 children around including the birthday boy. But sure enough there is PLENTY of toys around.
Oh yesss... this is Josiah's best buddy. His childminder's son.

But Josiah was at grumpy mode. So I only took 1 picture of him.


Melody said...

Happy Birthday Josiah! You are 1 year old now...growing strong and handsome : )

Y.S said...

ups, sis... I think you misunderstood. It's josiah's friend b'day, not his birthday. This is Josiah's first birthday invitation :-)

melody said...

oh dear :p...i must be blur queen. sorry.

J.H said...

haha no worries at all...:-)