Tuesday, 26 August 2008


We were heading down to West Sussex last weekend to meet Alice, Zonny and their new born baby Amoz. Amoz is now 4.5 month old, a happy, cheerful and HUGE baby. Though the journey was rather long (4.5 hour instead of 2 hour as predicted by GPS) but it was truly rewarding.Josiah was a bit jealous we cuddle and play with Amoz a lot, but after we ask him to play together he turns to be "too playful". Probably he expect Amoz to be able to chase him around the coffee table or play train with him.All along I thought his name was Amos, but Alice pointed out they are 2 different thing with 2 different origin and different pronunciation.
Meaning:Encumbered; burdened
Pronunciation:(AY mos); (AH mohs)
Amos was minor prophet who condemned idol worship and pagan ritual and spurned spiritual reform in Isreal. An evil priest, Amaziah, accused him of treason to Jeraboam II due to his unwelcome message. Amos was a contemporary of Isaiah, Micah and Hosea.
Amoz (the correct one!)
Pronunciation:(AY mahz); (AH moz)
Came from prophet Isaiah's father's name. Suddenly I am reminded how though it is to take picture of babies. They keep moving, kicking, giggling.... out of 20 picture, these are few that come out rather decent *sigh*.


Parlin-Artha-Axel said...

Wow Amoz is really big and cute...and I notice he also play with the baby gym, that toys actually help my son also to be actively moving...I just bought a second baby gym for him, with sounds and songs...^^

J.H said...

iya nih parlin, Josiah sampe happen to have exactly the same one as Amoz.
Si Axel umur berapa sih? 4.5 month juga yah? kayanya sama gendutnya sama si Amoz. Butuh more exercise!