Friday, 15 August 2008

BBQ the Baptist way!

We had a splendid time on church BBQ. The sun was out, and the breeze just set the right mood for barbeque. Josiah was so excited that he skipped his nap. Pastor and Yusdi were in charge to do the barbequing. Tammy had prepared loads of chicken kebabs, beef burgers and sausages to be grilled.Our men looking busy.Delicious food on the making. Thanks to tammy crafty works.While me helping Tammy to prepare the rest of the dishes. Pastor and Yusdi were busy outside. It left to brother Rob to entertain the children. He is not too bad story teller afterall.
Tammy said, "This is what really the men are doing instead of grilling the meat. They are slacking without supervision!".Stripy table cloth, I think the Tooleys can run Bed and Breakfast real well.Josiah and Rebecca playing in the living room.The fat sausages.... yum!Some healthy option (probably I should say "The ONLY" healthy option) which unsurprisingly remain untouch until "someone" felt guilty.Tammy said people called this "Devil's egg" but since there is nothing devilish created by baptist, we called it "Angel's egg".Troupe of food. Have I make you all hungry yet?Our host. Thank God that most of Baptist pastor's wife are a good cook.Look like the scene in some old time movies. Haha!And this is... the aftermath...the artistic way.... Unfortunately all the hardwork tammy done yesterday, and the hardwork of the men grilling, was finished in just less than 1 hour. Now I have to figure out how much "fat" I've gained from baptist BBQ.The food is really delicious. Tammy said she had never made kebabs before. But it's the tastiest kebabs I ever taste. So if you ever need a guinea pig, please invite us again next year.Rebecca and me.We had a few session of bible drill, where by we were racing to open certain book (and verse) of the bible the fastest. Tammy and Yusdi were on the lead, until pastor ask to open the book of Hezekiah.....(does it.....exist???). Only Tammy didn't fall to the trick, she deserve to be pastor's wife.Sleeply Josiah. He fell a sleep on my arm for the next 2 hour. How I wish he is only a size of a 3 month old then.Men and future men in our church. There was carrot cake served after the bible drill (the picture thereof not turn out well, so... we decide not to put it). But we had a great fun yesterday. Having a great Christian fellowship and great food. If Christian friends are God's way of taking care of us.... tammy and pastor did so well!!!

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