Tuesday, 26 August 2008


My son has recently acquire an ability to eat using a fork. I mean a "real fork", not a super-blunt-plastic-baby-fork. And he loves it, look at this.Josiah in Action, trying to get this big potatos on his mouth. Not too bad for a 19 month-er. He did it quite accurately, none of these potatoes dropped on the floor. Alice did told me, "don't you folk afraid that he'll get himself being stabbed by that real fork?". Yusdi replied that we are not afraid that he'll get himself punctured, I think he is careful enough. However, we have to apply some self defense skill on the table nowadays.He nearly stabbed me with that fork (I mean the camera).


agustina said...

wah, josie d bisa pake garpu sendiri, hehehe.. bagus tuh je, learn to be more independent :D nanti moga2 anak gw juga bisa as independent as urs.. haha :p
tapi wait for some more time deh, not in the nearrrr future, lol.. masih menikmati masa2 b2 dulu nie :p

J.H said...

well independence can mean a good and bad thing. Gw ga mau dia terlalu independent and ask to be boarded (indonya : asrama) by 8 years old!!!

agustina said...

hahahaha.. well, i think u think way tooo much, my dear :p *or not?*
well, gw inget dulu elo selalu bercita2 punya anak mandiri tuh je, and well... u might get 1 :p