Thursday, 28 August 2008

Gloomy Bright-ton

Before we head back home on Monday bank holiday, we had a chance to taste the southern beach of UK. Though the name is Brighton (supposedly came from Bright-twon) it was an unfortunate gloominess when we reached there.Despite of it's location, Brighton is not famous for it's beaches, one of the most famous thing to see is Royal Pavillion, which we just passed by this time.The Royal Pavilion is a former royal residence located in Brighton, England. It was built in the early 19th Century as a seaside retreat for the then Prince Regent. It is often referred to as the Brighton Pavilion. It is built in the Indo-Saracenic style prevalent in India for most of the 19th century.

Right back to topic, another thing Brighton is famous for is it's Gay and Lesbian life. Brighton has a substantial LGBT community, served by shops, bars and night-clubs in addition to support organisations. It is referred to as "the gay capital of Britain", in a similar vein to San Francisco in the USA and Cologne in Germany. Gay Pride carnival every August attracts thousands. It consists of a carnival parade and a party and funfair in Preston Park. There is also a "Winter Pride" in February. Actually, when we were talking about San Francisco, we were reminded about Sodom and Gomorrah a lot.

For us, the most interesting view is the pier for yacht.Some of the yachts were put on sale, we saw one at 32,000 GBP. Not too bad for an luxury item, I though porche must cost way beyond that.The wind were really strong, especially when we reached closer to the beachline.According to wikipedia, eight million tourists a year visit Brighton (yes, we were 6 of them). The town also has a substantial business conference industry. Brighton has two universities and a medical school.We both need to hold on to the handrail to prevent being blown away...!!!!! Some of you from far east might be asking "so where is the beach?". Well.... here is the beach.Yes, sandless beach, it's only peebles. No wonder beach like in phuket and bali is "to-die-for" beach compared to one in UK.Can you see the roller coaster from here? The Brighton Marine Palace and Pier is a pleasure pier in Brighton, England. It was generally known as the Palace Pier for short, before being informally renamed Brighton Pier in 2000 by its owners, the Noble Organistion.The seafront has bars, restaurants, nightclubs and amusement arcades, principally between the piers. Being less than an hour from London by train has made the city a popular destination. Brighton beach has anudist area (south of the easterly part of Kemptown). Brighton's beach, which is a sand-free shingle beach, has been awarded a blue flag. Rest assure neither of us join in as a part of NATURIST BEACH. Especially in this kind of weather?? no... no thanks. To our surprise that spot is NOT empty. No, it's not naked sealion or such. There are few crazy men trying the chill factor of the wind.Josiah amazingly remain cooperative since he woke up this morning. He took only a 15 min nap at about 11.30 in Brighton. Then he'd been monkeying around, explore the beach, ride the train, play in the playground, even behave well in italian restaurant wereby we stopped for lunch. Until we head home at 4.30 p.m. As a result, he was surely dead tired and sleep as soon as the car moves outside brighton city center.Look at those milk mark. He slept for 2.5 hour, and woke up when we reach Sainsbury for our weekly grocery shopping.

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