Thursday, 7 August 2008

Life…what is it?

Source : Mel. Lim of

The sun burning hot
Cloudless sky
Not expect any rain
Little breeze cooling the heat

Sitting inside the coffee house
Enjoying the cup of coffee and delicious chocolate cake
Watching thru the glass

Parents holding their children and their bags walking toward the centre
Children walking and running to catch up the adult’s steps
Preparing their children to know more than their classmates
Preparing their children to be on top of the class
Preparing their children to have a bright future
Preparing…is their life

Old folks struggle to get down from the bus
The steps were too high and their legs were weak
The walking stick guide and protect them thru each little steps they took
The wrinkle on their face tells a lot of stories in their life
History…is their life

Men and Women
Their steps were fast and big
Chasing for the career ladders
Chasing for the wealth
No time to slow down
No time to talk
No time to know what happen around them
No time…is their life

Inside the glass
Students buried in their assignment
Chasing for the piece of education paper
That will bring them to the next higher level of education
That will secure their future with no worry about money
Chasing…is their life

Men and Women
Occupied in their own world
“Don’t disturb me” … is their signboard
Leave me alone…is their life

My coffee and chocolate cake
Slowly and enjoying it

Life…what is it?

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