Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Quick updates....

I arrove in the office really late this morning, the water supply to our house was suddenly stopped for whatever reason. I don't remember not paying the water bills, but neither the Anglian Water guy on the other side of the phone can give much clue on what's going on. Anyway, that is to add the flavour of today, life need a little surprises to keep our excitement.

Again, when I check my mailbox, I get another surprises, one of my friend in LA is getting married!!! Sound better than no water supply don't u think? I am really looking forward for her wedding.

This weekend is Northampton Hot Air Balloon Fest and church BBQ. But I am really keen on attending Mary's funeral, therefore all these have to be put on hold. The following week (bank holiday week), we'll be visiting Alice, Zonny and Amoz. Oh... my week just keep on getting better.

After all the hard work, stressful week, we are finally can see the reward.
Our holiday coming up in September (fortunate enough, if I booked it in Oct I would have to cancel it as there is major deadline on that month). First we are going to head to Cornwall, and then the week after to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Yes, my Schengen visa have arrived!!! This will be our first time stepping our feet in Europe.
Watch this space for our Europe trip.

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