Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Tulleys Farm

We had a great day last Sunday. First we were heading towards Wimbledon, not for tennis nope, but for church. This is my first visit to Bethel Baptist Chapel (129, The Broadway, London, SW19 1QJ, not a Strict Baptist, they only lease the building but the church is a fundamentalist church) a beautiful church gathering with beautiful singing. We enjoyed the message and the fellowship afterwards, the church was quite big however dominated by immigrants. I even forgot to take any single picture of it!

Later on that day we went to Bluebell railway and then Tulleys farm. The name thereof sounded like my pastor name, and lo and behold, there is a big american flag outside which confirm my suspicion. Unfortunately the farm was already closed, but we are free to wander about and see the sunflower field.Due to heavy rain in recent weeks, a lot of the sunflowers were already rot. Therefore not much nice spot to capture its beauty.
Josiah kept looking backwards. Behind me there are a big tractor which pulls loads of small chart filled with children (and adult). The road was very very...muddy. Which probably add the fun to it.
Tulleys farm normally has PYO (pick your own) of various kind of berries. Isn't that sounded fun? They also have huge bouncy castle inflated on their yard for the children to play.For more information about the farm, visit :

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