Monday, 18 August 2008

Until we meet again...

As probably some of you knows, last week we attended the funeral of our beloved sister, Mary Walls, finally she is back home with our Saviour. Though the funeral a bit weird since I hadn't seen anyone cried at all during the whole service. For one, I know her families sort of "prepared" for her leaving as she is sickly and old(she fell couple of times and broke her bone etc), second, Mary's coffin is to be sent to Ireland to be buried, so last week was only her "good bye" service.
Brother Tim L, my previous pastor in Oxford, did the closing prayer. We had a chance to meet Ben R, Mary's friend (church friend) before we came to Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Oxford. He left to took care for his mom in Birmingham, therefore had left the church in Oxford since. It's kind of funny, if you meet another born again christian, despite seeing bro Ben for the first time, as if we knew him long ago. We quickly tune in and talking about our sweet memory with Mary. Although we are partly sad Mary's leaving, especially when we think about how differet the church will be without her, but it did feel warm inside to know that she is better of than any of us here.
After the service, we had 2 hour fellowship and catching up with Pastor Tim and Claire. Another amazing couple we had a previledge to know. Despite the credit crunch, loosing his job, and nearly come close to declare himself brankrupt a few times, both of them remain faithful serving the Lord in Brimpton. He really remind me of Job in the bible. I am sure that God laid a reward for a person as faithful as they are.
We went home tired and shatterd. Suddenly, I find myself try to catch up more with my brother and sister. I was reading sis Melody blog, and I am glad that the Lord has blessed her and she move on in her life. Then I read Jacob and Grace blog to the very begining, and I feel so blessed to find comfort and encoraging word in their blog. Though sometimes I wondered whether would I ever see them again, I am assured that we would see each other in eternity!
This weekend I'll be visiting Zonny and Alice, I am looking forward for a great time of christian fellowship. Praise God for godly friends around me!


melody said...

hey, we might not be meeting face to face, but all of you are always on my laptop and my memory till old.

J.H said...

thank you...thank you :-)
It always warms my heart to know that there is someone who cares and loved me.
And we will meet again, that is for sure.