Monday, 1 September 2008

My rambling continue on...

Right, today I had a chance to chat with an old friend over MSN. I was so brain dead that I found a random 15 min chat was totally....refreshing. I've been piled up by work and deadline and hardly had a common sense on anything.
I was sharing my concern about picking the right school for my son. On his wise tone, my friend told me, that I have plenty of time and opportunity even when the first pick wasn't the best. He did ask me why I sounded concern when Josiah is a mere a kindergarten prospectus. He said, almost all school provide the same academic quality for a 4 year old. Probably this is what I didn't type clearly on my previous post. That's true, what's a big fuss about picking the best pre-prep school when nursery across the road teach 80% the same thing? Academic is not my main concern. I wanted my son to excel both academically and spiritually, which require, to some extent, influences from teachers and his peers. What if his peers using swear word in school? what if they have no respect to teacher or adults? what if they never regard education as something important? what if his friend start drinking or go for piercing? what should I say when his best buddy's mom is a single-parent-teen mum who smoke, had lots of tatto and living in council house? I need some moral barrier here, a form of standard, that will protect my son of being a hooligan or a future vicky polard. (To those of you who doesn't know who is vicky polard, she is a sarcasm of today's brits rebelious teens, she appear on the "Little britain" comedy show across UK TV channel).

Sometimes, my imagination even go further as thinking what Josiah will be when he grown up. I recall that there were times I wanted to be a teacher (that is when I was 4-5 years old), then I wanted to be a president (by 8), and then I wanted to became an astronout (by 10), and I wanted to become a painter (by 11), I even ever dreamt about being a comic writter!!! (Which highly influence by "DORAEMON" lets blame fujiko fujio)By 20ish, I wanted to go for Chemical Engineering or Medicine, but end up in.... Computer Engineering *sigh*. Sadly, I am end up being a geeks...but not to worry, I pretty much used to it. Not to mention that at times, my artistic side of me sometimes kick in. I found myself in the liking of photography and attempt to be a bollywood stars.... Trust me, I found that picture so hilarious, I can't stop laughing to myself!
And even passion on interior design! Sadly, you can imagine a geeks and interior design is like this.Now, tell me your honest opinion, am I look handsome on my brown suit and spec??

Ok back to topic, I guess I can't dream much about my son's future. Seriously, I would be pleased as long as he can serve the Lord with anything that he does. If one day he can be a preacher that will be great, but I understood that not everyone is called to preach. Someone told me I am a definite waster to spend all the money for his independent school, university degree, and who knows even PhD or MBA, if he end up joining seminary and called to preach. I believe my job is to give what I think (as parent) the best for their children, Josiah is not my investment which one day I hope to produce some money back. Another thing is, I don't want to decide my child future, I rest it all in my Lord's hand. If he became a preacher because he can't choose to be a lawyer, a banker, a surgeon, or a businessman, there is a chance that he is giving only portion of his heart for the Lord. But, if he can get a medical degree, or already attain an MBA but put it all aside and surrender his life to be a preacher, I think that is a glory to the name of the Lord. My pastor has this witness, he used to make a lot of money, drive a nice sport car, but he give it up for the Lord. Me and Yusdi are so previledge to know such man. May God help us, to be wiser and prayerful when it comes to raising our children.
p.s : OK, stop laughing, this meant to be a serious post! Honestly, I don't know what makes me insert those picture?

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agustina said...

*ngakak akut!!!!* tuh foto ya je... *gila.. gw beneran ngikik2 sendiri di kantor...* but u really make ur point =) sometimes u will just never noe.. what u plan might not be what happen.. so, just go each day and like usual and always.. u will see the way He directing u to, and for sure.. u shld get used to it already! *grin grin*