Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Romantic yellow

While in Cornwall, we visited a town of Truro, 14 miles north west of Falmouth. (In picture, Authentic Victorian tea room, a must try!)Now, don't ask me what is the stripey thing I carried, he was asleep althrough the visit to the cathedral.The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Truro is an Anglican cathedral located in the city of Truro, Cornwall, in England. It was the first new cathedral to be built in Britain since the golden age of cathedral building in the Middle Ages. It was built in the Gothic Revival architectural style fashionable during the period, and is one of only three cathedrals in the United Kingdom with three spires. And don't ask me why the picture of the cathedral looks weird, I was only trying to stitch 4 different perspective picture in 15 minutes.This time around, I didn't tone down the yellowness of the picture (I usually do a white balance adjustment with inverted color overlay) because the tone actually adding the "church" ambience to the picture.Look carefully, this miniature of the church made of match sticks! A better picture taken from Robert Sharphe website is this link. (FYI, Robert Sharphe is one of the church organist).Beautiful stainglassI adore this picture so much, the mix of composition and lighting creating perfect "solemn" ambience.My fave picture of the day, "serenity..."

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