Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Tan Yoong

It has always been my dream to wear Tan Yoong wedding gown. The first time I saw Tan Yoong bridal add, I am quite sure that this kind of style is what I am looking for. Sophistication and Elegancy. None of his design looks boring, all seems to be made on the right material, the right cut, and the right style for the right model. However pretty, genious design always comes with a big price tag.Picture by Autumnite

Recognised by his peers and loyal clientele as Singapore's premier fashion designer for the past two decades, Tan Yoong continues to surprise women with his couture inspired fashion designs turning his many clients from looking girl next-doo tofeeling glamorous and fabulous.Trained in Fine Arts, his first love was painting. His passion for fashion design was only realised and developed after winning a string of creative awards both in Singapore as well as in Tokyo while working as an Art Director at a giant ad agency.Tan Yoong is at the top of his game by being uniquely inventive. As a fashion wizard, he conjures elements of fantasy and surrealism in all of hisdesigns.His premium-priced limited edition ready-to-wear pieces, custom-made cocktail dresses, exclusive eveningwear rival with the world's top designer labels and wedding gowns too.

Tan Yoong offers a complete professional consultation on wedding themes. And his creative inputs does not stop at gown designs but extends to art direction in photography, accounting for the artistic distinction of his bridal pictures. Tan Yoong sums it up best, "Given the same photographer but without my personal involvement in creative concept and direction you will not have the same picture. Creative input from me is a special service exclusive to the Tan Yoong brides."


For the bride who wants something out of the ordinary, Tan Yoong offers a one-stop concept as a designer bridal boutique complete with professional consultation on your total wedding look. Services include bridal hair, make-up, photography and flowers.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE CALL 67343783 / 62352113 or you can visit our website at for more information.

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