Thursday, 4 September 2008

World through the lens

Every brides obviously wanted a nice picture, a rememberance of their wedding. After the first problem of selecting the right photographer is solved, second one will be "where should we go to take the picture?". Having stayed in singapore for 7 years and planned my own wedding, I understand the headache of picking a special place in such a small island had a challenge of its own. Yet, some photographer are able to see the very same place with a different feels, through his lens. For example, these pictures taken by Kelvin Koh is an excellent example. You might recognise the following place, but I truly admire his "new interpretation" of the scene. It is as if I just rediscover the new singapore... through his lens....


LuxeLass said...

I can't wait to see our own pictures soon!!

J.H said...

hello luxelass,
thanks for dropping by!
Hey, update me when your pics is ready. And I am really keen to see your tan yoong gown!!!