Saturday, 25 October 2008


My son had never like staying outdoor in UK too long. He was ok when we were in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, States, Indonesia, Singapore and man... you name it, he loved all except UK's outdoor!
When he was small I used to blame it all to the weather that too cold or windy, or for the ground of being gui and muddy, or for the grass being too wet. Now, he is nearly turning two and had not giving a sign of loving the outdoor even when the day is fine and dandy.
Today there is loads of leaves piling up on the racecourse park. So one a fine saturday morning, we decided to educate Josiah a little bit about "outdoor living". To my surprise, he decided to stay OUTSIDE for longer than 30 minutes, enjoying himself kicking all the soggy leaves in the air.
At the end of it, his beige pants already turn brown, and his boots as heavy as elephant feet.
But he enjoy himself "terribly" good.


sharilyn said...

what a wonderfully delightful series of photos! what child does not like to traipse through the fall leaves?? or, perhaps, it is just the child in me who loves to do so! :) thanks for sharing these beautiful shots!

Stardust said...

Truly autumn, leafy, candid moments. =) I like natural shots like these.

Glad that your child is begining to appreciate outdoors in UK. =) Why not? UK has so much nice open space. Miss everything about England.

J.H said...

hello sharilyn and stardust,
wow.. it's a surprise for me to see both of you here.
Yesterday it rained so hard and now all the leaves has turned rot :-(
Bye bye autumn....