Saturday, 18 October 2008


Finally another season past. We had a nice warm summer, and now it's time for autumn.
The weather start to get colder, the wind start to get stronger, and no doubt the leaves were all turn from green...
To yellow, and fell off to the ground.
(Below)The pile of leaves in front of our house. And yes, they are quite thick and crunchy!
I always love autumn the most. Because the best tasted fruits are usually coming about this time of the year, other than that is because I love the colour of autumn. Unfortunately in UK, the leaves normally doesn't turn as red as it is in Europe or States. And normally the ground was pretty damp so the fallen leaves soon rot and turn black. However, this year was quite different. It's been a sunny and dry autumn. And so the leave stay nice on the ground.
So we decided to visit the park for the last time before all the tree turn bald. And the park looks very different with yellow tree. Can you spot me on my red coat and Josiah playing the swings.
A moment later we walked about the park, and of course, trying out our new camera lens.
Yusdi even managed to make this! Isn't that cute? It's almost look like a desktop wallpaper to me.
Anyway, josiah wasn't too well, so we didn't spent too much time in the park. This is my favorite shot of the day, particularly because I just cut Yusdi's hair!


Stardust said...

Hi hi Jessica,

Thanks so much for dropping by. Yes dear, I think we share the same love for flowers, and photography! Hahaha. I really love the photos you take too, beloved Europe. =)

Japan has great flowers display indeed, but it is not a regular thing, it all depends on budget. Oh, do you have Cosmos in Spring? Hahah, we have it in Autumn. =)

J.H said...

Well, I had never seen field of cosmos THAT big, it's more like patches of cosmos in summer here. I tell you what, next time I go to Japan, you have to bring me to cosmos festival... hahaha :-)

J.H said...

btw, you are on my list of friends now :-)

Stardust said...

Thank you J.H. I add you to my friends list too. =)

BTW, do you know I'm a collector of heart-shaped images? I'm so blown away by your heart shape arrangement showed in this post. I think it gave me the courage to drop the first comment. =)

sharilyn said...

LOVE the shot of you tossing the leaves into the air! what a fantastic capture! :)...and i see you've met my friend Stardust! she takes some magnificent photos!

Cher said...

'love that heartshape photo! it can be a refreshing lovely screensaver! can i post them in my page with your name and link? i have your link posted in my page under nature and photo lovers. :)

J.H said...

@Cher : yes sure :D feel free to do that!