Monday, 27 October 2008

Catching up

I am sorry I had not been faithfully uploading my blog.
A lot of the entry were quite outdated (the picture took from ages back) frankly, it's all because I had a lot of catching up to do. This week, pastor Tim Green came to UK to speak on our revival meeting. That is from Thursday-Sunday every night. The meeting itself has been a great blessing to me, though I was quite worn out on Sunday.
Alice and Zonny came to join us for the Friend day (the sunday of the revival meeting), but I hadn't got a chance to show you any picture yet. I had never been very close to them up until they moved to UK. It was a great encouragement for our church to have them that sunday.
Here is the picture we took 1 year ago.... (Ok, last time I had loads of time to kill just to edit the picture nicely, but not now!

while Amoz hasn't even born yet! And this, is how we are now.

I guess 1 year flew so fast, but we hadn't done as much as we should for the Lord! We need to stop wasting our time and do something useful before taking the same picture again with additional grandchildren included!

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