Monday, 13 October 2008

A Living Legacy

Since I was saved and joined a fundamentalist church, I've always surrounded by many Godly men (thanks God!). Few of them are remarkably different that a short meeting can leave a clear footprint even on my limited memory space. Now, I read about apostle Paul, Timothy, Peter etc, I am sure that they are a living legacy to many who meet them in person. There are persons you know, that you were probably seldom talked to, or only knew them from cyber world, yet his/her action truly inspire you to change your life attitute.

For the first time, yesterday we had a fellowship with the Pavitts. Pastor Colin Pavitt and his wife Rosalind are one of a handful of british national fundamentalist church pastor. I've heard about them a lot from my own pastor, Roger Tooley. I've heard on how Pastor Pavitt were saved when he was 26, and make a turnback from an alcholic addict to a man who had dedicate his life back to God. He and his wife met at bible college, both of them get married and had 1 daugther, whom the Lord decide to call back to heaven when she were a toddler. Now, I am a mother of a toddler, I can guarantee many of us probably going to grow bitter in life should something like this happen.

Pastor pavitt then take over Lifegate baptist church in Corby after his graduation from bible college. Since the church had registered itself as charity organisation, Pastor Pavitt is not allowed to receive any money from the church like many other pastor did. So, Rosalind, his wife, works as cleaner in ASDA to support both of them. I've also just learn the fact, despite already reaching 52 years old, the Pavitts still have to rent a modest house in Corby. This due to support Pastor Pavitts have was not certain from month to month and the mortgage lender just refuse to give him any loan. Worst of all, Pastor Pavitt were half blind, and his remaining eye sight are getting worse. But still, nothing can stop him and Rosalind to serve the Lord. They even helped our church once in a while. Despite only knowing the Pavitts handful of time, their testimony really impressed me to the deepest. He NEVER complain about financial thing, about how little is her wife salary, how much he paid his rental, instead he always give thank that he still have a roof on the top of their head and breakfast to eat. He really shown his trust and love to the Lord. No wonder that many of the church visitor (in which were some young teenager from troubled family) keep on coming faithfully, even without the pastor making a sharp message, because they watch an amazing example set by the Pastor.

Upon looking for a man like Pastor Pavitt and some other national pastor (Our beloved friend Bro. Tim Lazensby) it sometimes put us to shame on how unthankful we are. We often lived on what we want, and not what we need. And often time we question the Lord ability to meet our needs. And I saw a photo frame prints on pastor Pavitts house "As much the Lord loves us that we ought to love one another". Sometimes as Christian we only think of someone's spiritual need but not their physicial needs. How many times we think of nice clothes, toys, holidays and gadgets before considering our other bretheren in this difficult times? May the Lord help all of us to gain more wisdom and to be more faithful.

And if you are keen to be an encouragement or just looking for a church in Corby, Midlands,
here is Pastor Colin Pavitts contacts
Phone : 01536 206090
Address : 2-4 Plumpton Court
Beanfield Avenue
Northamptonshire NN18 (United Kingdom)

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