Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Today, we just had the first snow. Definetely the earliest so far. Unfortunately, snow in UK doesn't stay on the ground long enough to be enjoyed. This makes me remember the most dreadful season of all just about to arrive. Winter.
While all state house and garden are giving closure notice, all parks turn barren and the festive day are about to over, I take a few glance of some of my autumn picture, I guess it's time to part and say goodbye. Until we meet again Orange!!!
(Picture taken at Clare college, Cambridge).


Stardust said...

YEE! Your place if fast!! There's probably a month or so for first snow to fall.

Love the Orange... It complements Cambridge so well. Every spot is pictureque in Cambridge, don't you think so? =) You're fortunate to have family shots there.

J.H said...

yeah, it snow beautifully last night, it even stays till morning this time! (despite everyone speculation about "mild winter" it doesn't seem to be true at this point of time).
I wanted to see Nagano and you wanted to see cambridge, probably we can swap for a week or two... hahaha, how about that :-)

Kahshe Cottager said...

I am so glad that you enjoy the photos on my blog. It gives me great pleasure to know that others have enjoyed them. Your photos are very nice too! It is sad to see the fall colours fade and blow away ... I don't like that the snow is not far behind!

J.H said...

hi kahshe,
thanks for dropping by!! And I'll anticipating your next beautiful post!