Thursday, 2 October 2008

Salzburg Dom

The Salzburg Cathedral (German: Salzburger Dom) is a 17th century baroque cathedral in the city of Salzburg, dedicated to Saint Rupert of Salzburg. It is the site of Mozart's baptism.
The site occupied by the Salzburg Cathedral was probably a sacred place for sacrifices in Celtic as well as Roman times. The first cathedral was built under Saint Vergilius of Salzburg, who might have used foundations by St. Rupert. The first Dom was recorded in 774.
The Salzburg Cathedral was partially damaged during World War II when a single bomb crashed through the central dome over the crossing. Repairs were somewhat slow to take place, but restoration was complete by 1959.
And this is the picture of the central dome....
After seeing this dom, I would think none of Brits Gothic church can compare to its beauty. My picture here really doesn't justice how the real thing looks like. The dom has very low light that day and my camera just couldn't capture how colourful all the paintings are.
On the real bright day, the cathedral looks like this...

Isn't that beautiful?


Ellena said...

Wow... this is amazing... especially the view in the bright daylight... It's is really the power of LIGHT that shine....

J.H said...

unfortunately, many church in europe is no longer serving it's purpose, that is to preach the Gospel...
And sadly this beautiful dome merely just a spiritual museum nowadays.