Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Till later Germany!

Finally the last batch of pictures are done! (Can you see Yusdi and Josiah on the picture above? yeah, that minuscule point right on the center of the house). The Würzburg Residenz (Residence) is a palace in Würzburg, Germany. It was designed by several of the leading Baroque architects. Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt and Maximilian von Welsch, leading representants of the Austrian/South German Baroque were involved as well as Robert de Cotte and Germain Boffrand, who were prominent architects of the French Style. I can only say the interior of the palace were beautiful with the intricacy second to none. Unfortunately no one is allowed to take a picture of the interior.
The most spectacular interiors include the grand staircase, the chapel and the grand salon, and was indeed dubbed the "nicest parsonage in Europe" by Napoleon. The Residenz was heavily damaged in World War II, and restoration has been in progress since 1945. All I can tell that the palace were VERY big, I lost track of how many rooms were being displayed, unfortunately half of those are not restored. I would have guessed it cost loads of money to reconstruct its original beauty.
The Würzburg Residence with the Court Gardens and Residence Square was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981. According to the Advisory Body Evaluation, the inclusion in the List was a "measure.... so clearly desirable that the proposal of the Federal Republic of Germany does not require lengthy justification.... The Residence is at once the most homogeneous and the most extraordinary of the Baroque palaces.... It represents a unique artistic realization by virtue of its ambitious program, the originality of creative spirit and the international character of its workshop."
Being a french furniture addict, my favourite room was the The White Hall. It was decorated in Neo-Classical style is dominated by the stucco decorations of Antonio Bossi. The white stucco works on a light gray background are composed of a large quantity of rocailles, a typical piece of decoration of the baroque style, mixed with images of real items, especially of military purpose.
And here is the Court Chapel (Hofkirche). The Court Chapel is an exemplary performance of the sacral Baroque style in Germany. The interior design is dominated by the curving walls and three intergradient oval dome vaults. Most of them are made of Marble, which make an interesting mixed with the gold deco and colourful painting on the wall and the ceiling of the chapel.
The Residenz was built within the fortified town. Therefore the garden too had to be planned within the fortifications. The solution included two bastions of the fortified town wall, using it's differences in height to create very special landscape. From west to east there is a rise in ground, until the level of the wall is reached. Near the residence itself, the garden is designed in a very formal, baroque style. Further away, the style changes to an English garden with small forests and meadows.
And here, Josiah posing as a cute statue.


KY said...

Ah well, better late than never, welcome to Germany! :)

J.H said...

:D that's true!

HOPE said...

This too is amazing..besides Monterey Calif.

I was BORN in Wurtzburg!! My father was military.

I left as a toddler (4yrs. old) so have looked online at pics etc. This is so amazing that you have been there!

Thanks for sharing a special place for me to visit!

By the way...I have also lived in Switzerland.

(I have a devotional blog..THIS IS THE DAY...link on my craft blog, if you'd like to visit there also.)