Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Your thought is not MY thought

King David has a noble aspiration and his plan was well thought out, that is to build a house for the Lord. However I Chronicles 28:2-3 said that it was not God's purpose to have him to build the Temple. David has procure much of the production materials but Solomon was to complete the project.
Often it seems our plan are real good ideas, we probably think it was perfect! But many times they aren't God's will even when the intention is right. So what happen if God disagree with our plan? Well, some have tried to force the issue. You might get your program off the ground, but it ain't gonna fly! Remember that God's way is and always been the best.
I'm sure David motives were pure, it's just he wasn't the one to build the Temple according to God's plan. How you react in these God-directed-road-blocks is vital. I think one thing to do is to turn our disappointments to God appointments. To see how it turned out, read II Chronicles 1-7. It soundes like glory and God's will were best!
(Tim Green, source : Baptist bread)

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