Sunday, 2 November 2008


Welcome to Cambridge! Be prepare for this super long post with loads of bandwidth sucking pictures. But you won't regret if you make it till the very end of the post. I promise.
(Below, the side view of King's college, the most photographed college in Cambridge University).
After we found a parking lot to park our car, we headed down to the city center. Alice and Zonny walk up to the information center while we try to eat our sandwich in front of Kings college.
Here it goes one sherpa and one happy mongolian boy....
A close up picture of the university map on the park. Isn't that cute?
Another side of Kings college. (Note that to enter this particular college, you need to pay 5 pound admission fee). King's College Chapel is the chapel to King's College of the University of Cambridge, and is one of the finest examples of late English Gothic or Perpendicular style.
The brightness and the angle of the sun ray that day were just EXCELLENT. I probably never have to edit my picture anymore!
I wish I could GIMPed out the cars, it really spoils the beautiful scenery.
And this is my favorite snaps of both my husband and my son looking at the river cam.
I love those red creeping plants on the wall of st John. But due to back lit, I couldn't capture how red it was.
The side view near Pembroke college.
(Below) St John's College, an institution known formally as The Master, Fellows and Scholars of the College of St John the Evangelist in the University of Cambridge is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge founded by Lady Margaret Beaufort in 1511. It is geographically the largest college of the University of Cambridge, and currently the fourth largest in terms of its membership.
One of the richest of all the Oxbridge colleges, St John's has fixed assets of £504,109,000 and an annual income from endowments estimated at £7,000,000. Nine Nobel Prizes have been awarded to members of St John's, and the college has educated six Prime Ministers, three archbishops and one saint. The college is also famed for its choir.
(Below) right... I must admit I don't remember what this college was!
(Below)A view of Kings college chapel.The Chapel is actively used as a place of worship and also for some concerts and college events. The Chapel is noted for its splendid acoustics. The world-famous Chapel choir consists of choral scholars (male students from the college) and choristers (boys educated at the nearby King's College School), conducted by Stephen Cleobury. The choir sings services on most days in term-time, and also performs concerts and makes recordings and broadcasts. In particular, it has broadcast its Nine Lessons and Carols on the BBC from the Chapel on Christmas Eve for many decades. Additionally, there is a mixed-voice Chapel choir of male and female students, King's Voices, which sings evensong on Mondays during term-time.

The Chapel is widely seen as the symbol of Cambridge (for example in the logo of the city council).
Somewhere on those pile of picture is Trinity and Emmanuel College, I can't figure out what is what now. Cambridge is kind of different with Oxford, in my opinion Oxford is much better in term of old buildings while cambridge is better in term of scenery. Nonetheless, give me a shout should anyone of you visit Oxbridge, who knows I can be your tour guide.


sharilyn said...

what beautiful photos! the light was perfect and the tone so lovely! and that adorable chubby-cheeked boy!!! :) thanks for sharing! (it must've taken some great patience to upload all those large photo files)

J.H said...

yeah, the light like this is so RARE in UK!
And it is taking so long to upload them :-)

Stardust said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!

I love all the historic stuff in Europe, the olden beauty that never fades. You've captured them so well, and I'm glad to 'visit' via your blog. Love the long walkways with trees alongside, and that red carpeted wall, BEAUTIFUL!

BTW, your favourite picture is mine too. =) Thanks for sharing all these.

J.H said...

that day seems to be the LAST bright day of the YEAR *sigh*