Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas

I think most of people has already start shopping for Christmas gift. Yes, I can't imagine another year yet to pass by. This year we thought about doing something different, something that my families back in Indonesia can enjoy all through 2009. So we decided to get them... a calendar!!
I specially like the calendar design at photobox, they are so professional and stylish! It comes in many shape and layout. And I pick this two design. First is the normall wall-calendar design whereby you can customise the special dates (birthday etc).And here is the poster calendar on A3 paper. I am not sure how useful this will be as the dates was soooo tiny! But I think they are so lovely. The A3 poster calendar cost 18.99 GBP and the normal A3 wall calendar cost 15.99 GBP.
Did I say that they had 3 for 2 promotion? yes... quick and get yours now!


Stardust said...

Whoo... your family looks like some celebrity on print. =P

GBP stands for? Pounds? That's quite expensive then! But I'm sure they'll turn out as lovely gifts. =)

AG said...

Lucuuu...huhuhu... sayang mahal... tapi lutu... huks..

J.H said...

Yeah, GBP = pound.
Actually, I thought it wasn't that expensive considering now GBP exchange rate is very weak. But I guess no one buying 100 SGD worth of calendar in singapore *hahaha*.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Beautiful idea, I'm sure they will love it!

Kahshe Cottager said...

I am thinking of the same idea for Christmas gifts for my family this year! Your family will love seeing a new photo each month I'll bet!

Thanks for your visit to my Sepia Scenes photo!

Liss said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some very beautiful photos.

Thanks for the calendar Idea; I think I will make my mum one for Christmas. But I might find a local Australian version as our currency is worth nothing at the moment. 16GBP works out to be $48 AUD

I did stop by your blog a while go when Wayfaring Wanderer had a blog post about you but silly me forgot to leave you a message.

I think your family is adorable.

bp said...

Very nice, JH, I like what you've done with all your pictures!

I used a US-based photo provider last Christmas to also print calendars for our loved ones back home, and like you, I thought the many happy faces of our family/the kids especially (I also tried to pack in more, collage style), on the pages may be something they can get to enjoy all year round.

I'm sure your families in Indonesia will really appreciate the time and effort you put into this very special gift for them =).

Thanks for sharing!

Stardust said...

Dear J.H.,

Thank you for your comment on the recent post...

That car is special to us, it carries us around with a lot of precious memories, and makes quite a chapter of our lives. My car-lover hubby probably sees it even more forlorn that I do. Maybe I'm influenced by him, a car fanatic I've become... In a way, this period is really blue for us.

Then, I remember the calendar you've recommended, and immediately thought of making it. So J.H., I really want to thank you for your great recommendation.

This Christmas is going to be blue without the car. But we thank the Lord for its time with us, and cherish the new car from now...