Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Some people describe freedom as a ticket to do whatever they want. I recalled my memory as teenager, "freedom" means I can overwrite my parents' authority, and be my own boss. But really, after I grew up, I think freedom has a different meaning. I've also learn that it took a lot of courage to acquire freedom, is that money, pride, dignity and sometimes life.Last weekend was the Remeberance Sunday. It's a time to remember those who had shed their blood, risk their life, not for a selfish reason, but so that we - the next generation, may know the meaning of the word FREEDOM.

FREEDOM is not to do what one's desire, but to do what is right - Anonymous

Picture source : BBC NEWS


Stardust said...

I think I'm a lot like you, I've never really understood freedom until I've grown much older and obviously living in a free country.

Sadly, not many are able to respect ' freedom '.

Anyway, these are truly great shots. You're a brilliant photographer.

Ellena said...

Freedom......I am totally restricted to it since young till now even I am a mum... I don't have any freedom to do whatever thing i like...... I have always being tied down by sort of commitments......

Liss said...

Touching photos. Let hope the next generation do not lose the meaning of Freedom and what so many fought and lost their lives for.

J.H said...

Hello girls,
yeah, sadly many people misused of their freedom. Britain used to be a great country with great people. Now full of teens pregnancy or people who purposely try to live from state benefits! What a shame!How forgetful human race is, they just never learn from history.