Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ducks watching

It was a sunny saturday afternoon.
On a lazy day like this, we walk down to Abington park to feed the ducks.It's been a while since we had never been there, regardless how close it is to our residence.
Here is my son try to feed the ducks.
The were hundreds of ducks, swans, pigeons and any other birds in the park.
This paddle duck looks like the one in children story books.
To my surprise they are quite aggresive if you try to hide your food from them. Especially this one... And they are pretty big too!
Nonetheless, the scenery was picture perfect!
And the pond were covered in colourful autumn leaves.
"Throw it further Daddy!"


AG said...

nice yellowish tone, jeh :D
kalo soang iteum itu ya.. emang sakti galaknya.. huhuhu.. waktu gw di NZ, gw nyaris dikejar2, hahaha

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I love the duck looks like you were down on their level!

Kahshe Cottager said...

You have some lovely memories captured in these photos. I particularly liked the last one. I recognize those Canada geese and they are very food and territory aggressive. I am not particularly fond of them! We got snow today and a power outage along with it! I am finally able to post again!

J.H said...

kalo dikejar lari donk hehehe... iya nih taon ini autumnnya cakep bangeth!

how do you know that I did that? I was kneeling so close (that cheap lens has NO ZOOM!!! ARGHH) and hoping it won't bite me.

kahshe cottager,
oh, so they called "Canadian Geese"? Yeah, I should agree with you, they are VERY agreesive. A dozen of them flocked around us as soon as we show that blue plastic bag on the last picture.

sharilyn said...

jessica, great photos!! love the lighting! was it really that color (due to time of day) or did you have to play with the photos on your computer?

as to Canadian geese, i can attest to their territorialness! in Minnesota last year, i moved in very close (and slowly) to photograph some goslings (adorable, by the way!), and a big gander walked up to me with wings spread, neck up and poised to bite, and hissing like a teakettle! geese are not known for their friendly behavior, but they are beautiful! :)

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day!

J.H said...

hi maryann,
yes, a bright day is always a wonderful day!

Sometimes I DID do a bit radical stuff with my GIMP(a program like photoshop). The first two and the last image are "painted" using GIMP to enhance the color or to give yellowish tone.
Here is one of the tutorial I've blog about.
Other than that I normally just normalise the curve and the saturation.

Liss said...

Wow what a beautiful park. Kids just love feeding duck. My daughter is turning 9 early next year but still loves a walk to the pond to feed our local ducks.

Stardust said...

Oh dear, do you know how very atmospheric these pictures are? Everything looks so dreamy and romantic!! I truly love these pictures! Beautiful!

What bliss it must be to enjoy such great outdoor as a family! =D

bp said...

Wonderful shots, and what a wonderful way to spend good family time together... a walk in the park!

It's also getting colder here where I am.

You keep warm and snug now!

J.H said...

hello liss, stardust and bp!
Yeah, going to the park is easy and cheap. Just need to bring few loaf of bread, bring my camera, drove about 2 miles and that's it!