Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Kindness to The Nature

I am joining "share the love" held by Wayfaring Wanderer. Coming from third world country, the idea of "saving energy" or "saving environment" is a completely new way of thinking to us. Nonetheless, out of our conciousness we learn much since we lived in Europe (even though I believe most average european did much more than We do!!)

5 Things I do that can be considered ec0-friendly:

1. We bought small car with high mpg with low carbon emission (In the same time this reduce our road tax!)
2. We try to reuse my plastic bag by bringing it everytime I went for grocery shopping (plastic bag is free here)
3. We insulate my house well, put on styrofoam underneath the wallpaper to keep the room temperature, sew on curtain linings on each curtain or use combination of blind and curtain for each window.
4. We tried to use public transport whenever we can, and that's applied for travelling too. Our trip to Germany, Switzerland and Austria in a week proof that it is possible!
5. We hand wash the dishes and hang dry our clothes.

5 Things I don't do, but could easily start doing:

1. Groups all the plastic, glass, papers and cardboard on separate bags to be recycled (now I only do this in office)
2. Potty train my little boy so he is not nappy dependant!
3. Turn off my computer completely after office hour (I only hiberante or putting it on standby now)
4. Use less room heating at night and more of thermal blanket.
5. Cook my food in big batch and keep it in the fridge rather than cook it every meal.


Liss said...

Good tips here. I am bad as I have plenty of reusable green shopping bags but always leave them in the boot of my car.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Wow, you work fast! There are some fantastic ideas here, some of which I should incorporate myself. Our house is very old and is not well insulated....something we need to remedy!

J.H said...

I must admit, I just start this habit few months ago because I have one cupboard full of plastic bag!!!

I owned a 200 years old Victorian apartement, and it's terribly cold on winter 2 years ago when I just moved in. My heating bill was like 100 GBP a month! Now it was 76 GBP for 3 month, insulating doesn't need to be expensive, but it does save us a lot of ££.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Great ideas... I need to do the batch cooking too!