Monday, 24 November 2008

Untitled this time

Okay, this picture were taken about 3 weeks ago now. Nowadays I didn't go to the park as the wind is too cold (and it rain and rain an rain these days). Nonetheless, I didn't forget the beauty of this year autumn.
Simple breath taking.... Everything seems to made of gold!
Born in UK, my son had to practice football early! The ground is rather muddy, nonetheless he is happily kicking the ball until his boot became so heavy with dirt!
Tired? Thirsty? Lets find a nice place to sit down and drink your milk!
It's been hailing recently, however the UK forecast has reveal there will be quite a number of snowing in south UK. So I am waiting for my chance to see a white christmas this year.
Thank God that we had a wonderful time this season.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

It's good to save some fall images, I did the same's hard to believe that it's over already :(

Until next year!

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Stardust said...

That tree in the first picture is amazing. I love the green within the yellow.

I've never seen a tree with such leaves.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

It's just shifting season's here... we never have a fall with those amazing colors... Just summer then mild winter. Your family is so sweet... I enjoyed the little slide show of your engagement & wedding photos too. I just had ours digitized so that I could put an album together. We got married in Jan 2003:)

J.H said...

hi wayfaring,
yes, I am working on mine :-)

Stardust and MaryAnn,
I am waiting for more winter picture from you both!!

Liss said...

Fall colour is so amazing , I dont remember our autumn being that colourful this year, maybe it has something to do with the drought.