Friday, 21 November 2008

Only happen in Japan

May this bring a smile on your hard core day of work :-)


Liss said...

made me giggle

sharilyn said...

oh my goodness, i needed that today! i had a good laugh! and that poor guy who was so much bigger than everyone else and kept breaking the 'wall'! i can't believe some of the shapes they wanted them to fit into!

i don't watch much tv, but i think i saw a new show like that here in the States recently. it didn't intrigue me, but now that i've seen your little clip, i may have to check it out. seems so silly but it really DOES make you laugh! :) happy friday, jessica!

J.H said...

haha, yeah, I just recently saw similar show in UK perform by UK celeb (in this kind of spandex outfit), but I believe these Japanese who originates the idea :-)