Monday, 24 November 2008

Riding my car

My family weren't doing too well this weekend. All kind of bugs coming and leaving, luckily, I kept some reserve for the blog update. Here is my son riding his car!
This is the side view....
And then the front view.
And it has power steering!!!
p.s: we will be heading down to wales on Christmas day to be with the nicholsons (now it's appear to be an annual thing to do) . They are missionary from States to Abergale, Wales. You can see their family picture here :-)


Liss said...

I think he has parking down pat. I love how he seems to take so much interest in the world around him.

PS: the family xmas photos are beautiful.

sharilyn said...

what a wonderful photo opportunity! so very colorful! :) and, he sure doesn't have to worry about air conditioning in that vehicle, does he?! : )

Stardust said...

Hey, I hope that things are going to be fine...

Stardust said...

I mean, for your family... =)

God bless.