Saturday, 1 November 2008

Roll the ball

There is a strange looking ornament on one of the bridge over the river cam. It looks like a ball sticking permanently unto the bridge. You probably have well notice it on my post titled "Orange" few days back. That's the same bridge.
And being a creative little boy, Josiah pretend to try to roll the ball with all his might! Look at his expression.
This certainly need a big push...


sharilyn said...

i'm thinking maybe he really IS trying to roll that ball! : )

AG said...

itu sampe ngeces2 ya je? hahahaha.. tuh ekspresi.. beneran priceless.. *ngakak*

J.H said...

hi sharilyn,
Yeah, probably he thinks that this is a real ball and try to roll it.

hi agustina,
Do you know he makes sound "arrrhhh" when he pushed it? hahaha

Stardust said...

He must have attempted to roll the fella. His expression tells it all. Hahahaha... Was he angry that he didn't make it? ;P

J.H said...

nope, he wasn't angry, he was so curious why the ball not even moved!