Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The soft touch

I am joining the competition held by Wayfaring Wanderer, this time is about your very own favorite photographer. My choice falls for V2 studio in China. If you remember that I've blog about them sometime ago. (I upload many picture here).
It's easy to see why I fell in love with the way they took the picture. From the way I see it, their picture always has the soft touch amidst beautiful scenery, potraying a romantic yet elegant ambience.
There are loads of photographer with photo taking skill, but to me this one is special, because they combine the skill of taking excellent picture AND extensive editing skill, in which I've learn some of them (you can see under the "GIMP" tag on the right hand side).
And as you can see, the topic of LOVE never be out of fashion! (All picture belongs to V2 studio).


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Wow, those are incredible!!!! What amazing locations for photographs, all of the pictures are stunning.

J.H said...

Yes, I regret that they are so far away!
I believe the other entry I talk about them even have more pretty pictures in it. Check it out.

Stardust said...

Hey hey hey!! Something in common again! I LOVE admiring wedding photos!! Definitely stunning production you're promoting here. =D

Just one, I'm more keen on naked pictures that aren't too edited, or even look superimposed. I love it more when the photographer clever uses natural light or tools rather than software. =)

I think your wedding photos are brilliant too! =D

Liss said...

These are extremely stylish photos, thank you for sharing.

J.H said...

hi stardust,
I guess photoshopping = make up. Some people prefer to put natural looking make up to enhance their look, similar things to photography. I don't like too much photoshop as well as much as I don't like heavy make up.
There are areas that is impossible for a natural lens to achieve without help of computer program, like in this picture many of it the colour are map to some other color to intensify the look. Otherwise, can you find a white tree in summer?
But hey, I love your picture to death whether they are editted or not :-)