Monday, 3 November 2008

What to wear for the party

I was looking for dresses idea (for the company dinner) when my eyes was caught on a bunch of monsoon's MAXI dresses collection (website : always heart Monsoon timeless design. Their party dresses are simply delicate and elegant instead of provoking or minimal (in other word... skimpy). Unfortunately their design come up with a huge price tag, something ranging from 150-200 GBP. I like this red dress but I guess bright right wasn't suitable to my pale skin colour.My second thought is to wear something with large print or embroidery on it. Flower identifies a lot with me :-)
And this is my favorite dress!
It is so simple and feminine! I think I ought to look out for one in ebay *hahaha*.


sharilyn said...

ah, your favorite one was also mine... elegant and feminine. quite lovely! good luck with the ebay search!! : )

Stardust said...

Darling, I'm a DRESS-LOVER, but I haven't put on one since I've left Singapore!!! =((( The climate here does not give me a chance to flaunt in those, and gosh, I simply hate Jap's dressing sense!

I love all of them, especially the top, totally dramatic... Oooh, gonna complain to hubby again. =(

AG said...

haha.. kalo badan minimal 160 cm, bagus si je baju2nya.. tapi mengingat tinggi badan saya.. *agustina menerawang.. mendesahhh.. geleng2...* back to reality.. haha

J.H said...

unfortunately I can't find it yet in ebay :-(

I know what you mean when you say "I hate Jap's dressing sense!"
Yeah, wouldn't be a good idea if the first dress combined with last dress?

wear heel (15cm) and you still can wore long dresses!!