Thursday, 20 November 2008


One of friend of mine just moved out to Australia few months ago. It was such an unfortunate thing that his job sector was hit by recession and the company he work for has to do some cost saving measure. It never be a lovely time to watch redundancy took place, either for the person who had made redundant or those who spared.
My friend were spared, I won't use the word lucky if you are kept and not lucky if the company sack you, simply because it's all so subjective.

I was made redundant back in January 2008.
This is my second job, and made redundant were never exist in my vocabulary.I knew the company doesn't to well, but never thought of such measure. You can see the log on my blog back to those period, I can tell you the worry and fear as I walk out the office building for the last time. Here am I, jobless... the main breadwinner and the visa holder, this can seriously mean deportation if I didn't act quick. And what about my house then? my mortgage?
There were some much things going on on my head as I drove home.

I was glad I decide to do the right thing.
At that moment of silence in the car, I decided to pray, and ask God to give me peace, and I surrender all my problem in His Hand.That decision was probably the thrid best decision in my life (right after my salvation and my marriage) as thing just getting better afterwards.

To cut the story short, I was offered another job in about 2 weeks time, right before my holiday in States! The job was better (as I finally doing the job that I interviewed for, not some random job that no one wanted to take like doing Macintosh programming which had nothing to do with either embedded or system) and this company properly assign a mentor for me, I am back doing proper firmware job as I did on my first job. And the location was somewhat 25 miles closer to home. Not to mention the pay is better too!
And when I thought the things can't get any better, I realise that the redundancy pay was actually quite a big sum of money, in which I can even pay 10% of my house mortgage with it.

Sometimes we are too carried away and think that the digit in our bank account that's all it matters. But I am glad God reminded me, that He is the one who make all things matters in the world, not money nor a job.
At certain point in time, I did feel sorry for my lost colleague.I have my God to depends upon, while they don't.
If you are just facing redundancy, probably this is the humbling time or God probably just trying to get your attention.
On the other hand, worrying won't make an extra inch in our life either.


AG said...

I was in your shoes twice, so I understand completely what you mean. The 1st time, when I came to singapore jobless.. I was from big MNC, and I believed that I will have a job soon. But God taught me in a hard way. I was way to confident on myself, and He was showing me, that without Him, I can do nothing =) and well, His teaching surely not easy. I was jobless for 5 months! haha :p But it was worthed, I got a very good salary, and the agent even called me to increase more than what I asked.

The 2nd one came after 1 year of working, and my department was going to be moved to Malaysia. I am a contractor, and didnt even have any new role to do. My contract expired in 2 weeks, and well.. I still didnt have any replacement. When I surrender all, He gave me a new job, in 3 months in a new job, I was converted to permanent staff, and then I met my husband there.

He that had created us, knew us by names even when we were not yet born, the same God is the One who will take care of us. What a great assurance =)Life might not always be good, but everything happen for a wonderful reason, I surely believe that =) Nothing planned by Him will go wrong, and I've seen that through all my life.

Thanks Je, for reminding me again and again through you blog =)

J.H said...

thanks for reminding me too :-)

RickaVieves said...

Hi Hj..i really like ur photos...great job... i like the color of the leaves..awesome!
and beautiful header 2 thumbs up! :-)
anyway, we are not living closer by Kandersteg we are living in the city of Berne just 5 minutes with the car and train from our house.
My husband and I love to explore around in switzerland visiting interesting places that I could share in my blog.
thanks for visiting my blog again. Cheers...Have a nice evening. see u around.

Stardust said...

I've never been dealt with that way, but I've been through shadows of it. I realize many people who are less eligible, and older are often subjected to greater pressure. Reccession hits people hard indeed.

Admist bad times, what's apparently irrelevant to me may hit me later. For where I stand, may lie within the chain. However, I'm reminded that worry does not help matters and I'm to give my worries to the Lord.

I'm not alone! I have the Lord with me!

At such harsh times, let us not forget to pray for peace at home and homes, and those who also need the Lord.

sharilyn said...

a very meaningful and timely post, Jessica. thanks for reminding us all Who it is that gives us the very breath in our bodies! God is good, whether or not our circumstances appear that way. i appreciate your honesty and openness... as well as your wonderful photos! :)

sharilyn said...

a very meaningful and timely post, Jessica. thanks for reminding us all Who it is that gives us the very breath in our bodies! God is good, whether or not our circumstances appear that way. i appreciate your honesty and openness... as well as your wonderful photos! :)

Marfa said...

You're right...don't worry, God has a plan, maybe you'll have to wait a bit or take a job you really don't want, but something good will come from it!

Congratulations on WINNING the "green" contest on Wayfaring Wanderer's blog!

Liss said...

I wouldn’t mind a redundancy package, I’ve been in my job for 11 years so would get a decent pay out. Only problem, I think jobs are going to become harder to come by given the current state of the economy. Things happen for a reason and sometime god makes a decision that you would never make yourself and it turns out better than you imagined. Have faith that it will all work out even if times are tough for a while.
Happiness comes from within us not from money, as long as we have enough money to survive. I have my own saying “Money doesn’t buy happiness only a higher class of misery”.

Kahshe Cottager said...

You are right I think in pointing out that when we stop looking at the negatives, we can see the positive things even when life doesn't seem to be going so well. I am very glad that things have worked out for you so nicely!

Thanks for your recent visit ... I am slow returning as we have been having power outages due to the snow and then I went to the city for a few days.

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

J.H said...

Sometimes we can't see the silver lining on the dark clouds, but they are there!