Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Beautiful days....

Probably there is a little two word to describe our visit to Wales. Unlike my normal habit of taking holiday (compact, exhaustive and tiring), this time round, our vacation was sort of slow and relaxing. I enjoy every sunrise, take our time to eat breakfast, sharing various kind of meal, and short drive to castle and beaches.
I always enjoy being with the Nicholson. Not only because Josiah and Daniel, their eldest son, went along very well, but I feel I always learn a new things is that of Christian value or not, from them. And this really reminded me of the Liauws, my pastor's family back home.

Every morning Joe will cook us breakfast (we call it Nicholson bed and breakfast) and Abbie normally took the dinner, and we joke about the importance of men be able to cook. So my husband cook one dinner one time (without my help, he is the chef that day) and I am so glad no one died of food poisoning :-) and the Nicholson even give a top remark!

After our little ones go to bed, we chatted over tea and coffee. We discuss a lot of thing about christian doctrine (from bible translation, christmas celebration, to consuming alcohol etc), american politics, indonesian education, to hiking and travelling. I was so surprise that Joe was reading C.S Lewis book too for the sake of knowing.

All along through our discussion, although we probably even had different doctrinal stand on something, Abbie and Joe had never made an issue about it or make us feel uncomfortable. It's just like debating club, just reason together and see what other had to offer. This is a rare quality of fundamentalist whom tend to like to win argument no matter what or being stubborn in the name of conviction. I really appreciate Joe explaining his stand about bible translation, which somewhat probably different with what we used to hear in Indonesia, but it surely beneficial to know the other side of the coin. I don't feel difference make us less closer. In fact, I like Abbie's idea to say that we almost like their own family that they even plan to bring her parents around to our house next summer!

I also learn about caring for environment as the Nicholson try not only to recycle their trash but also to decompose it. This really alter my view about American who only cares about driving big cars with only 1 passanger or sometimes none, or probably too lazy even to walk to ATM machine that they have drive thru ATM.

Other thing that I've learn from the Nicholson, they also have a good habit of walking to
keep everyone in the family healthy. They have no dogs, but they often walk or hikes as a family which I think really show a good Christian value, that is not only to be health spiritually but also physically!

From the 25th, we basically jump from one fellowship meal to another. First with the McLean, then the Thomases, then they are hosting a big meal at their home. We also had our turn to mess up their kitchen, it's just feel so at home.

I was actually very impressed with their parenting skill. They had never yell to their kids in order for both Sarah (1 yo) and Daniel (3.5 yo) to obey. I remember as a kid, I hate to see a mom whom has an attitude of "Just obey what I say because I am your mom" (Fortunate enough my mom is not bossy).
I am amazed to see that Daniel always ask Abbie or Joe whether or not he is allowed to do certain thing. When they warn their kids, they just need to whisper in their ear and they'll obey. As a child, I had never potray myself offering help to my mom, hug my dad to say "I love you", walk down to my sister to prevent her from doing what is dangerous, learn to give credits for what God had done for him, or even to thank a stranger without being commanded by the parents. But I saw Daniel did all that! When we gave him the indonesian noddles he said "Thank you, I'll eat them all". And one morning when he woke up he said that God helped him to stay in bed all through the night (FYI Daniel is a bit of troubled sleeper). Well, I guess I need to learn a lot about parenting from them.

And when it's time to leave, we actually feel sad. I feel I never want to pack my stuff and leave. (My husband said he wanted to quickly retire in Abergale!).Daniel said to me "I come to your house later" knowing that we'll go home that day. My son cried when we walk out the door and wave goodbye.

This actually only our 4th meeting, hard to believe. Our meeting normally only last few days, so in total probably we only ever spent 2 weeks to grow from stranger to good friends. I suddenly reminded that some of my best of friend is thousands miles away and I only hear them from occasional email. Best friend sometimes is not someone you meet everyday, or everyweek, but it can be someone whom you see only once a year or even much less frequent than that. However far they are, they always occupy a special place in our heart.

Joe and Abbie, thank you for this friendship. I feel that you are God's way to comfort and ease my loneliness in this distant land. May God bless you and your family, always.... and have a wonderful new year.


~ Jade ~ said...

What a lovely fellowship you had, a time of sharing and feasting over Christmas. =)

Have a Hope-filled and Blessed New Year!

Stardust said...

Your days sound slow and relaxing, beautiful. A little surprised that there aren't pictures, but anyway, I think I'll see them next year. Happy New Year and may 2009 be a blessed one for you.

sharilyn said...

so glad you had such a wonderful time. good friends sure make life a joyfilled experience... : )

J.H said...

Hi Stardust,
don't worry, there is tons of picture coming.

To Jade & Sharilyn,
Happy New Year to you too!!

juskawaime said...

Very nice entry..
enjoy reading them.. =)
God bless your family and theirs! =D

Happy new year to you, Jessica.. and send my regards to Yusdi and plant lots of kisses on Josiah for me... =)

God be with you