Saturday, 20 December 2008

The birthday cake

Finally I put out my camera again for some action.
The birthday boy....
Today is my son's birthday celebration. We had to push his birthday 1 week late due to sickness. Thank you for all of you who had been praying and send "get well soon" message, we are all well now!
Because I've not finished editing all the picture, here is some of the spoilers! Some of you had been wondering which cake we're getting at the end. Here it is. (And no, we didn't buy that 99 GBP cake...).
Don't ask me why he looks like covering his nose. Well, he was actually rubbing his nose ;-)
The cake look so much like the picture provided by Marks and Spencer website. Thanks to Mia for getting the cake. Fortunately the cake lasted for another 1 week without going bad or hard.
As everyone has figured out, it is noah's ark cake (however with no noah on it). His age, 2, fits well with the theme "get in the ark two-by-two".


sharilyn said...

happy, happy birthday, josiah! hope it was fun! :) the cake was fantastic!!

J.H said...

thank you thank you :-)
time really flies, I still remember holding him in the hospital 2 years ago :-)

Melody said...

Wow! He is growing fast and it is already 2!

J.H said...

yes I know! before I knew it he already 17!

Liss said...

I hope he had a good birthday the cake came up great. I am also admiring the dress you are wearing in the shots, it's very pretty.

I wish you and your family a safe and merry christmas.

Parlin-Artha-Axel said...

Happy belated birthday Josiah...It's really amazing to see our kid grows so fast..and that cake is awesome...

J.H said...

to liss,
Yes, happy christmas to you too!

to parlin,
watch out, your axel will soon be 2 before you blink your eyes :-)