Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Choo choo weekend

Since the week become wet and cold, we decide to have some fun indoor. Luckily, not far away from where we live holding up a model train fayre. For some of you who is not familiar with model train, this will give you some ideas. model-train10
This is a scene of a warehouse, the train move up and down the tracks to pick up stuff. Notice there is passanger train as well, and some people waiting on the platform.
Model train is all about passion, patience and attention to details. Did you notice how much details on it? I mean the person standing on the bridge has a moustache, and the train below has a driver, a fireman and real coal! Mind you that all these can move, the picture below actually a "turn table" to switch train from certain shed to tracks.
Another turn table....
And my son (as you know from previous entry, a train enthusiast) is completely over the moon when he saw how many trains it is there.
This is the smallest one that I've seen. I know the photograph doesn't tell the scale. But the cars is about my finger nail size. However this is one of the most beautiful model train in the entire exhebition!
Talking about attention to detail, this crane really can scoop sands and drop it unto the hopper. Might have nothing to do with train, but I thought "wow that is brilliant!".
Not sure what is this, but I thought the house was kind of cool. One of my colleague who had done model train for the past 10 years, he actually showed me that he can build this type of building using wood board and paint it.
This is not my first time to see a model train, I've been to the one in Cornwall months back. And as I learn not only building the model require time and patience, collecting the locomotif itself is an exteremely expensive hobby. (Believe it or not some of the train even have real steam coming up from the funnel).
Someone at the water tank!
The model train enthusiast has their own clubs. However I heard there is a big age gaps missing. Most of the member are youngster below 14 years old and then adults above 40 years old.
As you can see here, hardly people on their "working" age. I guess for somebody else to spend on this kind of hobby, there had to be a person on my age who is working the ££ out.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I never played with trains, but those scenes seem fun to photograph! Very cute set of images.

sharilyn said...

looks like it was fun for you all! i love the detail work on such displays! amazing!

MaryAnn Ashley said...

The warm tones of the train museum were great - really relaxing. We have one here in San Diego too... and it is amazing too.

Sis. Tammy said...

Bro. Pavitt would be green with envy. He loves trains, too. He keeps trying to talk us into putting up for Caleb. I don't know where he thinks we'll put the thing mind you!! LOL

We'll be remembering Bro. Yusdi tomorrow!

God bless!

Liss said...

I just recently took my kids to a model train display but these pics are much cooler than mine. I think trains fascinate boys of all ages. They are defiantly a universal bonding toy for fathers and sons.

Marfa said...

I love all the details...we have one nearby that we will visit soon. What cake did you decide upon for your son's birthday?

Y.S said...

hello everyone,
apologise for not checking the comment often enough. I was really busy this week.

Marfa, we decided the "Noah ark", will have the real picture by the end of the week!

Stardust said...

Hey, I love these series of photographs!! The display is totally amazing. Your boy should be so very delighted!!