Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Christmas party

And this is the crowd for Christmas party this year.
Let me introduce the host, our new friend in Christ, the McLean (Steve, Marcia, Maggie and Gwyneth). Marcia is an excellent cook, she made a lovely layered salad. I don't like both mayonaise and vegetable yet she made me craving for both! And Steve glace the best ham I ever ate. Thank you for inviting us.
Unfortunately Gwen already asleep by the time we took this picture, but nevermind, here is her solo appearance.
Daniel with his crown.
Little Sarah, daddy's little girl.
And cute Maggie who loves help her mom to clean up and shop to Tesco. She was so animated and fun.
Can't resist to take more of her picture.
The most interesting bit is after the dinner, we sang few carols, and lo and behold... we are going to do a nativity scene!
However, is not us... but our children suppose to do it.
So steve read the verse from the bible that told the story about Jesus's birth and here is the actor and actress.
The sarah angel. But she decided to play with the doll house instead.
Josiah the wise men from east (probably China?) But he busy watching curious George.
So the only two actor and actress on the outfit were Maggie and Daniel.
Aren't they cute?
We had white elephant gift exchange as the closing. And so, that summarise our Christmas celecration this year.


Liss said...

Looks like you had a lovely Christmas party. I really like the kids nativity scene. Maggie looks a sweetie.

J.H said...

thanks liss,
I hope you have a fun time on your Christmas day too :-)