Monday, 15 December 2008

Country Living

Country living... imagine the small brick cottage with a brook running behind the back yard. Imagine the noises birds made and the trickle of water from the river. Imagine the smells of dew and sheep on the air. People walk by slowly, greet each other and then left with a smile on their face. Imagine sitting next to a warm fireplace, reading your favorite books and relaxing your mind. What a simple life. I guess, I would love to retire in a countryside.It must be feeling like holiday everyday. Just laze around in such comfy welcoming ambience. This what I thought when I looked at "Cornwall" country living inspirational room by Laura Ashley.
Though probably the design works better for a cottage by the sea, but I guess I wouldn't mind to have a cottage on the mountain as well.
For everyone that had been wishing me well, thank you, I've made a slow recovery but I'll get there eventually.

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sharilyn said...

have you been sick, my dear? on top of being far too busy with too much work?? i find it delightful that God had laid you on my heart today, and i prayed for you... and for your husband's job-searching... i will continue to do so, my friend!

and, i'm sure if you had a bedroom like that final photo, you'd feel fantastic in a jiffy! (or not, so you could stay in it all day!) :)