Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The "good looking" President

Months ago before America's presidency election ends, I was browsing the internet try to probe the likely-hood outcome of each candidate's vote. Their picture were virtually (and probably physically) everywhere. On the papers, on the net, in television and everyone was talking about it. They must be the most well known faces in the past few months.

I read about people responses to both candidate. Both to me had their own strength and weaknesses, but that's what makes election interesting. Anyway, while I am researching, there is a woman who make a statement that she decide to choose Senator Barrack Obama because.... he is better looking than Senator McCain. What kind of reason is that?!?!?! However, this trigger me thinking, is McCain that ugly? He might not be handsome now because of his age, but... how is he really looked when he was young?

And lo and behold... a surprise...

You must be thinking. "Is this a banner of the latest block buster movies? or is it a CD cover of a boys band?". This is a picture of a group of American Navy years ago. If yo give a closer look, you'll spot the young-good-looking senator McCain!
Still can see it??
Ok, let me crop the rest of the gank.... First time I saw this I was like.... "is this Tom Cruise's brother?".
He is seriously good looking, has a great figure, and....the best yet when he is wearing his full uniform such as this!

Oh my goodness....

Right, is that Richard Gere?
Don't you think if Senator McCain do his campaign with this set of picture he'll stand a better chance to win? well... at least probably he'll get my vote for being a good-looking president.


MaryAnn Ashley said...

Funny... he was a handsome man indeed. Our poor culture suffers from this "pretty" thing.

Liss said...

He’d get my vote on looks too. If only we could all manage to saty looking like we were in or mid 20’s forever.

Sis. Tammy said...


You are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

But, I must admit a man sure looks nice in uniform!!! LOL