Saturday, 31 January 2009

Frame it.

Last christmas when we were visiting the McLeans house for Christmas fellowship, I saw this cute little thing.
Apparently, the McLean has a tradition of hanging their picture on the Christmas tree, one picture to represent certain year. So this one were taken when they just have their first child. Mmm....I thought that quite a neat idea.

Having said that, I decide to take a picture of it. And then I came with other idea : Why don't make the photo as a frame for another photo? With a little GIMP-ing I came out with this....
I figure out that selecting a picture that goes with the frame is actually much harder than GIMP it to replace the McLean's picture. And even though I am not 100% happy with my selection (it looks too goth to be part of chirstmas picture) I let it slip becase I am way too sleepy now.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Can't wait for spring!!!

I am tired to see the weather forecast. It is cold and gloomy again. Sometimes I think the weather took the worse of the UK economy forecast.
Today, while I was in the office, my husband excitedly rang me. Allegedly, he just went to the gym (oh well, once a year visit which hopefully going to change to quarterly this year) and when he passed by his college he notice the snowdrop and daffodil buds start to buldge.

"That's strange" I told him. "This is too early for spring, it's merely just the end of January".

But no doubt that the weather is warmer now, I hardly see any frost as usual. While I was mesmerizing that spring soon will come and followed with a glorious long day of hot summer blaze, my husband responded.

"I guess someone planted those snowdrops and daffodils". He continued, "Because I only saw them in front of the college garden and not anywhere else".

Bah. False "spring" alarm!
Suddenly my foot which feeling the warmth of summer grass struck to a big block of wood, which I realise I was kicking was my own PC and the warm grass was office carpet nearby the radiator.

But I continue my episode of daydreaming of summer at home. That evening I was flipping through last spring picture when I found this.

My son was just 15 month old that time, I just realise that he already change quite a lot since last spring.
Ah, seems like daydreaming is good enough for me. Let's start the count down to spring shall we?
(More pictures of spring daffodils last year is here).

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Where am I?

As you see that I am not "so actively" blogging these day (and lets blame it to the work schedule), I even find myself not knowing what to blog! Well, being so busy my mind only occupied by work.
Anyway, I've been thinking hard about where to go for holiday this year... say a good escapade from workplace and daily routine. And I found this...

Isn't the sunset so breath-taking? Isn't the sea so beautiful? And can you guess where this place is? I can give you a hint, this place is famous for sunset and white hora with blue doors.

Suddenly I feel so motivated to work... work for my holiday. Haha!

Monday, 26 January 2009

My first award!

First of all, I apologise for not updating the blog as often as I wanted now. It's been quite a rough week so far. However, I know that my other fellow blogger sis.tammy has been on even the rougher side. I invite all my christian blog reader to pray for her.

Back on topic...
Needless to say, I start this blog with intention to get closely connected to friends and family back home. However, in the process I did bump into many new friends, another traveller, another struggling mum, and many inspirational photographer.

And I just delightly receive my first :
Friends Award...!!!

And I would like to thank Liss, from blog who gives me this award. Thank you for the sweet friendship, the advice and support you had always given!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Master piece

One cold night, bored with playing just with his train. Josiah, me and his dad decide to do something a bit different.

Like.... building a tower around the rail track! After a good quarter of hour staggering and stacking the blocks, we managed to get this babe stands.
Can you see the railway line going underneath? I actually had to build the first couple of pillar couple of times because it was laid too close to the tracks. And everytime thomas train passed by, everything start to fell down.I decide to take a picture of our masterpiece.
However. It managed to stand for a good few minutes.... then another calamity approaching. This time is not thomas the tank engine.
It is much worst than that!
It's bigger... stronger... and doesn't need coal or Energizer to run.
It's Jo-zilla (another version of Godzilla of course, with no tail).
A product of too much milk and sugary treats before bed time has turn him into a giant chubby-cheek-don't-want-to-sleep-hyper-active monster!

Friday, 16 January 2009

Can you spell?

I must admit I can't spell properly, in English anyway... It's obvious because english is not my first language.

Anyway, in Indonesian language we don't why it's such a big thing to be able to spell. Most of people who graduated from primary school can spell any complicated words in indonesian, even those that they heard for the first time. Why? it's because all the alphabet in indonesian language sounded the same in any word. Imagine there is a word. "a" (ah) is always sounded the same in any word, so it's very easy to predict how to write certain words without knowing the meaning.

However, it's completely different in english. The letter "o" on the word done is not the same as the sound of "o" on the word do. If you ask an indonesian speaker, they won't even know there is an "o" on the word done! If someone ask an indonesian to read d-o-n-e they probably going to say "do-nae".

Today, on the way back from London, we saw an interesting advert. It says this :

If gh sound is as P on hiccough

If ough sound is as O on though

If pt is sound as T on ptomaine

If eigh sound is as A on neigh

If bt sound is as T on debt

If teau sound is as O on bureau

So how to spell POTATO?

That is.... gh-ough-pt-eigh-bt-eau!
Goodness what is that?
Yes it!

Check out your ablility to spell at
And don't be ashame to tell me how much you've scored :-)
And remember....


Thursday, 15 January 2009

Roll the tag!

I am joining the tagging war by sharilyn plus taking a 15 minutes break from my scary schedule right now. The rules for this game of tag are as follows: list six random or weird facts about yourself, and then tag six others.

Here is 6 weird facts about me, enjoy!!

1. I love fairytales! That's why I am a number 1 Disney fan. Even until now :-)

2. I enter the surgical room the first time when I am about 6. Enter emergency room since I was 8. Not as a patient though. Learn to examine people faeces and blood when I was 12. I am used to seeing blood and loads of gross stuff. This is a mere fun fact being born into a physician family.

3. I am born as a village girl somewhere in island of Java, Indonesia. Until my teen years, I had never seen telephone or any form of modern technology in my village. So don't ask about computer or internet! Strange enough now I am siting in an office thousands miles from my village, working as a computer engineer. Sure enough programming is my bread and butter.

4. My biggest voluntary spending in a year is.... holiday! (well, I didn't count my mortgages and childminder fee as voluntary spending, they are obviously INvoluntary). Fortunate enough my husband is a travelling fanatics like me, so he wouldn't have any objection. I believe my traveller blood is taken from my dad. As a young child, me and my sister always involve in 1-3 hour one way journey almost EVERY weekend, as long as they are not on call duty. So, not to go for holiday does itch my feet. Me, my husband, even my little boy do not suffer jet lag, even after 16 hour flight, we are just born to be traveller :-)

5. I moved house 12 times since 2002. 8 times in singapore and 4 times in UK. If you are wondering about the existency of modern nomad? I am the proof. When I moved to UK with my husband, our belongings is just 3 suitacase and 6 boxes.

6. I am very lazy when it comes to shopping for gagdets, shoes or bag. I still used the same handphone since 7 years ago. As long it rings I don't care. I always buy the same boot once the one I wear worn out. Same model, same shop, hopefully cheaper price haha!

And I wanted the following people to continue this fun games!
1. Maryann at
2. Jessica at
3. Liss at
4. Ellena at
5. Char... at
6. Tammy at

Let pass in on people :-)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A forgotten post

I know this is a little bit old and probably you guys already bored with the "backdrop" by now.
Yeah, I must admit I forgot to post this.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

A survival kit

Recently, I've been trying to manage my terrible-two son (luckily there is only one of them, can't imagine his childminder having TWO). And today, I've learn 2 important lesson.

LESSON 1 : getting involved
It was an early start on Saturday. I was trying to vacuum the bedroom and my son won't get out of the way. Needless to say, he was busy playing with his train. He saw me there, and since I told him to move and he doesn't even give me a look, I carried him to somewhere else where he can play without disturbing me.
And then he give a bit of fuss, and decided to run around in the bedroom. I mean... there is about 3 other room with plenty of space and toys, why would he bother me so much as if he did it on purpose! Then my wise husband called him.

"Here Josiah, lets help mummy to clean the room" and give him a spare hover head.

I can see a glimpse of joy in his little eye as his dad trusted him to help with the chores. Soon, he was helping me (or pretend to help me) with vacuuming the bedroom.

Then we went to Sainsbury (grocery store). My son is NO way wanted to go down and walk. He wanted me to carry him. But my arm is getting sore carrying 15kg that keep on squiggling non-stop. Then I told him. "Why don't you help to push the cart?" and let him push it along and drive it through the aisle. Yes, we just managed to knock 2 birds with 1 stone!

Soon, both of us has learn the tricks and and let my son took the things we wanted to buy from the shelf to the cart. And my son busy loading our shopping cart with vegetables and fruits. Okay I am a bit worried that some will turn up pretty squishy because my son drop it instead of place it in the shopping cart. But the idea is, children love to be trusted and get involved with whatever we do, which unfortunately me and my husband never get to know this parenting skill. Apparently, letting them do a bit of *work can help to keep them out of mischief (when I said *work, I didn't mean "child labour" kind of thing, ok?)

LESSON 2 : learn it now than later (or probably never)
In eastern culture (read as : my family), I didn't know how to properly wash dishes until I am 18 yo (read : without spending a gallon of water and a bottle of soap, and be as time efficient as possible). "Man, that's pretty late!" Yes, it is. The truth is, many middle class family like mine had nanny (or maid) at home. And since they are paid to do dishes, laundry, ironing, cooking and cleaning the house, there is no need for me to do any of those!

My granny told me during her time, parents are normally passing skills to their children. That's include baking cake, carpentry, handy man, basically anything... I felt this habit has decrease much in our society today. Unfortunately, I have to learn it the hard way. When I was 18, my parents send me to a university in Singapore for my bachelor degree. Having no relatives and such, I'd experienced my first "live-away-from-home" syndrome. It's not just the home sick or culture shock that makes it bad. I had no clue how to cook myself a decent food, I had no clue how to open savings in bank (my dad always did it) and the worst is I had no experience how to use washing machine which they said is the simplest thing!

Years went by, and soon I was to get married. I was so fortunate to have a missionary friend like Pastor & Mrs Moore otherwise all I can do for my husband is to boil eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When I came to her, I had no idea how to use an oven, and now I can cook bake rice with it. I used to wash dishes with 1 gallon of water (wash everything on the tap), and she taught me to leave all the dirty dishes in hot soapy water for 15 mins to wash all the oil and fat away. She even told me how to disinfect loo without buying expensive chemical, just use vinegar. (Now, I still don't know how to iron properly, probably sis. Tammy can teach me)

If I recollect those memory, I don't think I wanted my son to learn it the hard way like I did. So, I will teach him a survival kit now. I hope he'll be a perfect man by 18!

Thursday, 8 January 2009

When all came down

I've been really busy at work. Facing a critical dealine on the 26th Jan (thus it called... death-line). My weekend is at stake to be untilise not for personal use.

In the middle of the tribulation, to my dismay, the things that I hope can be completed without my presence didn't came true. Such as, renewing my passport! So, in the middle of my hectic schedule, I somewhat have to fit in a trip to London, which sadly only going to happen on weekday when the embassy is open. Everything is just doesn't work as planned.

I dreaded that I had nothing to looking forward to....

Often I wonder when I will stop being trapped in this routine. Waking up at 6.30am, drop my son of his childminder at 8.30ish, go to work, went back home at 5.30ish and head to pick up my son, arrive at home at 6.30ish p.m, try to waking him up (which involve some time of crying and clinging), try to turn on the heating. At 7ish my husband will be home, and then we try to prepare dinner, try to eat while entertain Josiah while try to catch up with each other at the same time, try to take shower, bathe Josiah, brush his teeth and get ready to bed by 9, try to read him some bible story, and hopefully he doze off by 9.30. (I do wonder how other working mum or mum with more than one kid cope up with all this things without losing any brain-cells).

However, in the middle of all so-hopeless state of mind. I saw my son's childminder send me this.

It amazing how human swings their mood so quick. (Image title : Lazy boys, to the left is childminder's 2.5 yo son and to the left is my 2yo son).

p.s : While I am trying to meet my deadline, I let you enjoy my latest blog addict.

Check it out!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Dual Personality

Recently, my 2 yo son had driving me mad. He had been very picky on his food, refuse to sit still during diner time, refuse to wear his hats and socks despite freezing cold weather, refuse to drink cold milk (which is kind of though when he gets thirsty in the middle of night), and awfully sticky to me (to the point I almost think he is a slug!). Arrrgghhh.... I can't even imagine when he start to say "no" to me (which probably a blessing in disguise that Josiah hasn't start talking much).
I told all this things to his childminder, who looked me with her symphatetic eyes. To my surprise, she told me that Josiah is good boy most of the time. He ate his dinner, sit on the dinner table, drank his juice and milk, wear his shoes, shocks and hat, he even can picks up toys and place it back!
"I wondered is it my cooking" I told her. But even when the same lasagna came from Iceland (a name of grocery store) heated with the same temperature, he still refuse to finish it at home.
Suddenly, I remembered during my childhood time I used to go around to my friends house for sleepover. I remember how everytime my friend's parents and my mom's met, my friend's mom will give all sort of good remark. "Jessica tidied her bed, did her homework, sat on the dinner table, finish her food, even help with washing up the dishes" She mentioned, which my mom could hardly believe since I looked like girl with no manners at home and nothing close to be a ever-so-dreamt-model-daugther. So, I wondered, is all kids meant to behave different when they are out of the house? is my son has my dual personality problem? Oh well, sometimes things are better left a mystery.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Believe me, it's just take a little step of Faith!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

I love your smile

Smile can means a lot of thing to different people. And to those who capture it, this is where picture can speak a thousand words.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Winter paradise

It's always sunny, the grass is always green. The sea looks blue and so is the sky. Therefore I called this place a winter paradise, well... except for the temperature, it's almost always summer in here.nicholson3
The Great Orme (Welsh: Y Gogarth or Pen y Gogarth) is a prominent limestone headland on the north coast of Wales situated in Llandudno. The Great Orme is run as a nature reserve by the Conwy County Borough Countryside Service, with a number of protective designations (including Special Area of Conservation, Heritage Coast, Country Park, and Site of Special Scientific Interest), being an area two miles (3.2 km) long by one mile (1.6 km) wide. It is home to a long-established herd of several hundred feral Kashmir goats (a present from Queen Victoria). There are numerous paths for walking on the summit, including a section of the North Wales Path, a long distance route. About half the Great Orme is in use as farmland, mostly for sheep grazing.
The nicholson bundle up in winter outfit to fight the cold winds.
A cabin-lift (built 1969) and the Great Orme Tramway, a vintage tram system (built 1902), convey visitors to the summit of the Great Orme, past one of only two artificial ski slopes in North Wales, complete with one of the longest toboggan runs in the UK. (Beware, it's really windy up there!)

Around the lower slopes of the Orme are landscaped gardens in the Happy Valley and terraces in the Haulfre Garden on the landward facing steeply sloping southern side. Invalid walks link the Haulfre Gardens with the western end of the Marine Drive.

The 'Marine Drive' toll road runs around the coastal perimeter of the Orme and leads to St. Tudno's Church, the award-winning Bronze Age Copper Mine and to the Great Orme Summit complex with car park. The toll road ticket also pays for the parking at the Summit Complex.

Among the summit complex attractions are a tourist shop, cafeteria, visitors' centre, a play area for young children a licensed hotel, cable car terminal and funicular railway/tram terminal.

On the northernmost point of the Orme there is the decommissioned Llandudno lighthouse which has been converted to a small bed & breakfast guest house with accommodation for eight guests. Nearby, on the Marine Drive, is the old established "Rest and be thankful" café with a large car park. I think that name is really well thought of, I surely rest and be thankful after climbing this mountain.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Closer to Thee

As I open a new page of the year, I am hoping to find more spiritual treasure on the day to come. When I looked back, from the day I was a new believer to the day I am now, I am so thankful for what the Lord had done for me. Without Him, I am nothing.

Along the way, He had corrected and taught me loads of time. And most certainly, it will happen again this year.

On the second day of 2009, I stumbled upon this blog

while looking for answer on Christian contemporary music.
What I found was more than just a music, but whole load of other thing. (However, I disagree with his view about doctrinal rich contemporary christian music)

Suddenly I recalled the day I was first visiting Graphe, my home church back in Indonesia. I was a "______" back then. I remembered how hard it is to feel the slap when someone proof what you did all this year was a mere tradition, have no or very weak biblical proof. I remembered I will spend hours try to think of the way to defend my stand, not for the truth, but for my own dignity. I remembered I feel the heavy for the consequences of knowing I've found a better, more biblical church. I remembered the farewell and the tears. However, slowly but surely, God convince me to do the right thing, and I have to swallowed that bitter pills of humility and submit to Him.

And lo, I had to do it again today.
I read
I must said at the of it, the writer had won me the argument over what I believe was biblical... however have no biblical proof. It's a resourceful blog, I even going to add it to my blog list.

May God help us when those teaching times comes, to be humble and submissive. So that we can be closer to Him.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

A new year, a new start.

As we close the year 2008 and start 2009, I would like to wish everyone a blessed new year ahead. May the Lord help us to be more faithful in serving him.
(Photo taken at historic town of Conwy, North Wales).