Friday, 16 January 2009

Can you spell?

I must admit I can't spell properly, in English anyway... It's obvious because english is not my first language.

Anyway, in Indonesian language we don't why it's such a big thing to be able to spell. Most of people who graduated from primary school can spell any complicated words in indonesian, even those that they heard for the first time. Why? it's because all the alphabet in indonesian language sounded the same in any word. Imagine there is a word. "a" (ah) is always sounded the same in any word, so it's very easy to predict how to write certain words without knowing the meaning.

However, it's completely different in english. The letter "o" on the word done is not the same as the sound of "o" on the word do. If you ask an indonesian speaker, they won't even know there is an "o" on the word done! If someone ask an indonesian to read d-o-n-e they probably going to say "do-nae".

Today, on the way back from London, we saw an interesting advert. It says this :

If gh sound is as P on hiccough

If ough sound is as O on though

If pt is sound as T on ptomaine

If eigh sound is as A on neigh

If bt sound is as T on debt

If teau sound is as O on bureau

So how to spell POTATO?

That is.... gh-ough-pt-eigh-bt-eau!
Goodness what is that?
Yes it!

Check out your ablility to spell at
And don't be ashame to tell me how much you've scored :-)
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Roger Tooley said...

I scored 13. I had hard time understanding the accent of the web site. I'm not good at spelling at all. Thank the Lord for Bill Gates software and my wife.

sharilyn said...

ah, jessica, i LOVE this post!!! i am an avid speller and am amazed at how many english speakers cannot spell well at all... it's very disheartening to me! it is a tough language due to the many crazy spellings for various sounds, but i think being a voracious reader helps with spelling (word recognition). i do love the potato spelling! how delightful! when i get home from the weekend, i'll have to take that spelling test you linked and i'll confess my score to you! have a great weekend!

Liss said...

Oh no thanks – I don’t need to check out your link. English is my first language and I struggle with it. Spelling is not my strong point. I just took a photo of something my 9 year old daughter wrote as proud as I am of her. I doubt that she will win a spelling bee. She struggles with the same word different meaning and spelling like to, too and two or their and there.

Stardust said...

Oh no, my head is spinning and maybe turning into a ghoughpteighbteau!

AG said...

well.. gw baru tau hiccup itu hiccugh.. haha *menerawang(

J.H said...

hello all,
sorry for my very late, I've been busy at work and my PC has to be reinstall because it struck some sort of annoying adware.
Meanwhile, keep on practice spelling :-)